"Commander, I think I found the colonists."

When I’m bored, I pose Liara.


Originally the picture was going to be Liara looking down the stairwell at a bunch of dead colonists with a flashlight (hence the title-picture correlation). However, garrysmod being the sporadic creature it is decided that making models fall through everything was much more entertaining. So, I took the picture of Liara, whom was already posed. I didn’t bother restarting, I felt I’d loose interest to pose if I stopped. So, whatever.


As for this one; I just like Liara’s ragdoll, and ‘experimented’ with different kinds of posing. From a feminine sitting position to a feminine security walk (at least, that’s what it reminds me of).

Rate, hate, I leave it in the hands of fate even though I know, clearly, it’s not that great.

She looks good in magenta.

Omg. No over-exposure.

Ben-Wolfe I love you.

Wow, quite nice.

you where always an awesome poser

You really REALLY like that model, don’t you?


Why did you port it?!

I don’t even like Liara that much but this model is awesome! ARGH! That ragdoll! That suit! That grey skin instead of perky naive blue!

I :love: u, Haxxer.

In fact, I :love: you all. Thank you.



This thread has showed me the true ways to Barry White.

This is great.

liara is my one of my most disliked characctteeerrrrrrrrsss

but those pictures are great with a lot of lights and colors everywhere just like mine

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how do you get your AA so good

I didn’t start liking her until Lair of the Shadow Broker.

As for the AA, I really don’t know. I have it at 16x CSAA

She looks like she’s been snorting cocaine in the first pic.

Very nice.

Always loved the crispness of your pictures.
What’s with those random sparks on here face in the first one, though?


Those are glares from her oxygen mask.

Thanks everyone!


It’s very well made, with realistic posing.

I think that’s been the fastest I’ve ever racked up artistics. Or, at least, it’s been a while since I have :v: