Commander Shepard - Citadel Boob Job

“I am commander Shepard and this is my favorite boob-job store in the Citadel”.

Seems Garry had a birthday again. Congrats!
Also! Two models merged in Gmod. Clean up in Gimp. Background from ME2.

I also like buying my Rations from Boob-job store

Silly jokes from ME2 will have to suffice. The new trailer doesn’t say shit about ME4 though.
I dare not be to excited about it.

okay / 10 thread

Need to throw in some Quarian hips on the side but hey it’s a start.

I did in fact.

I thought there was gonna be porn

I’m glad I got discussion about ME4


i know

Nu purn alluwed un Fucepunch.

I thought you were done with FP Rasti? Or did you miss doing your “epic trolling”?

I don’t think this warranted a thread

Dude 2 GMod screens, and one from the game. All knitted together in Gimp. Was some work.
But your honest opinion. Thanks for commenting on the pose at least:eng101:

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Posted on request from other FP users. But comment on the pose or don’t comment at all. Ok? Skip the hostility. Also dig my video:buckteeth:

Nah he does have a good point this is p mediocre, and slicing images together isn’t really a amazing feat, you need to work on your composition, someone dead on in the center of a picture from the waist up with not much else going on makes for a boring picture and lots of wasted space.

Also it looks like she’s leaning forward stiffly because the background was taken at a different angle than what the lady was, she’s from the dead on front where as the background was taken from a slightly looking upwards angle.

WHAT THE FUCK:freakout:

Nah kidding! Yes there is room for improvements, which I will never do since I loath redoing a pose. Thanks for the feed back:toot:

  1. Not hostile in any sort of way, it was a very neutral question.
  2. You don’t decide what others can or can’t comment.

But sure, if it’s real critisism you need:

  • Very uninteresting angle, not much going on.
  • Lighting is pretty much nonexistent, everything but essential lighting is missing.
  • Smooth quality of the Gmod screen conflicts with the jaggy quality of the ME screen pasted in the background.
  • Lots of empty space in the background.
  • Overall very uninteresting and lackluster content.

Besides, we have plenty of Mass Effect props ported to Gmod, already. You could’ve, y’know, tried to make a scenebuild.

I wish this’s not worth a thread.

Oh god, you’re back!

you almost make it sound like a positive thing