Commander Shepard doesn't even have to try

Kind of a test with lighting.

Compression is pretty intense, but the posing is alright.

[sp]And since when did we have casual Asari?[/sp]

Yup. Thats Imgur for ya. I’ll see if I can reupload it somewhere else. Any suggestions?

Um…Outside of the Citadel Council, hell if I know. They were just easier to pose.

You should have added at least one man eyeing him as well :stuck_out_tongue:

The Illusive man, After all he needed shepard. :v:

[sp]I think…[/sp]

Casual asari models? Haven’t seen those. You have a link?

Oh THATS where I got them from? I just have all my Mass Effect stuff in one huge folder.

Probably would have noticed it was Liara if all the Asari didn’t look the same…

Mind sharing the map name?
I’m trying to look for Mass Effect-esque maps.


It might require CS:S, but the majority of the map is custom made.