Commandos shooting at space outlaws


I dont really like the muzzle flash

all good apart from muzzle and they aren’t really aiming well

Damn, I’m so impatient to see how the Commandos from SW:RC are looking in comparison with this ones :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah I don’t like the muzzleflash that much either.

I loved starwars republic comando.

It would have been a great series.

"These guys just don’t quit!" :v:

Posing looks pretty good.

Everyone knows you can’t defeat a rogue squadron!

“I think I will shoot at you”
“well i guess i will shoot back”
they don’t seem to be taking much interest.

Lucas Arts really should have created a RC2. It wouldve been great.
I don’t really like the muzzle flashes.

That matches the combat in the Original Trilogy and in a few of the newer Clone Wars episodes.

Clonetroopers firing their weapons at enemies 10 feet away and always miss the first shot.

muzzles bad