commands env.time not works

Hi , I update yesterday , but i can´t operating commands env.time
The console responds Invalid command . What I can do?

Works for me. Make sure you enter in the time range you want from 1 - 24 i.e.

env.time 8 (8 in the morning)

env.time 20 (8 in the evening/night) etc

Thank´s for your response nothing happens :frowning:

whats the version your server is on and also make sure that server is seeing you as owner? I don’t know what else it could be if you are entering those commands in the F1 console…

Yes i´m the owner, all works, only not works env.time. I use F1 Console.
Thanks, again

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So there is no way to change the time?

Actually @RustUpdates posted out a tweet : “Fixed admins not really being set as admins” or something like that. Maybe whatever that is, is affecting you - the pointers I gave you above is how you change the time, so the problem lies with your server or its config