Commands for EB plox!

First of all, sorry for my english, it is not my native language.

I noticed that some commands like grass.on false doesn’t work (for me at least) in the experimental branch, and the “faster” config, is not faster at all, compared to the old version, I’m getting like 15-20 fps max, while playing (which makes this unplayable).

Is there any commands list where i can deactivate the grass, blur, and others for the experimental branch?.

Please, this game is so awesome!

Hit F2 for settings. And, no, grass cannot be disabled in the experimental branch.

I think one of the experimental servers has the name “something + no you can not turn grass off” :smiley:
You won’t be able to turn grass off anymore .

it did, and you can’t:) the only reason it was ever an option was for low spec computer users to continue playing until they resolved the memory costs of the previous grass. it was a band-aid fix for a memory problem, not an intended option;)

Fps.graph true
Those are the one i know

To be honest i get better fps with the new grass on experimental than i get with no grass on the default branch.

I think that’s a direct consequence of Facepunch doing the code rewrite, it’s simpler and should have way less redundancy in terms of routines and functions.

Yeah, disabling grass was basically an advantage. Plus grass is going to contain mechanics, like deformation and disturbance, it should be forcibly enabled for everyone always so we are all having the same game experience, graphics be damned. They did good work with the new grass too, and it’s going to get better as time goes on :slight_smile: I just hope they don’t try to draw shadows in real time with the grass ‘meshes’ (Not sure if they are even really meshes) cause no matter what wizardry I can imagine, I can’t see drawing thousands and thousands of small meshes shadows as any feasibly easy gpu task.

Depends how it’s done. The most efficient would be treating all of the grass as one single “object” and drawing it in one go. If there’s anything modern GPUs are good at, it’s drawing geometry.

The big inefficiencies come when you treat each piece of grass as a separate “object”. That can have an impact on performance, as there is a cost involved in having the CPU tell the GPU to draw something (a “draw call”). Fewer+larger draw calls is always faster than more+smaller draw calls.

Yeah that’s good and cool, but the grass already works great for me, what I’m concerned about is shadows.

I am talking about shadows :wink:
They already have shadows implemented, yeah? And the way that works is that you draw the scene an extra time, from the point of view of the light source, drawing what the depth of the scene is. So basically making grass cast shadows is a matter of rendering the grass an extra time.

Merging all instances actually would work really really well, there’s an option for it in Cryengine but it’s really really basic, I bet Andre could get it working beautifully. Plus if anything, they could just make grass shading optional, since it’s really only an aesthetic feature and wouldn’t detract from the mechanics they wanna have with the grass.

Look at the bottom video in this playrust devblog.

I thought there was a command that could reduce the percentage of grass shown but wouldnt get rid of it completely?

Friday Devblog 10

Speaking of, I did find something that’s coming back: