comme play rust to betta, steam failers like me.

For people what have problems with connection:
Steam -> liblary -> rust rightclick on it ->¨properites -> betaversion -> sign to betaversion -> update -> play

I had to do the reverse actually…

This worked! thanks dude your a legend :slight_smile:

what is with this thread title?

Where do you find “betaversion” in the properties.

  • Do you go into the “BETAS” tab in the “Properties” ? Then I need “beta access code”.
    I need help, because I’m lost.

You don’t need a code ._. People nowadays who don’t even try o.O

I tried, and it didn’t work. Wouldn’t let me go forward after that.
I click “check code” and it says “beta access code invalid”.

—Never mind i found out how…

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Well it still didn’t work lol. I did all of it, it re-updated Rust, i start it and join a server, and it says the same thing it used to say :frowning: Oh well.

I can’t change my “Select the beta you would like to opt into:” from NONE - opt out of all beta programs