Comments on latest balance changes

In the most recent patch, resource and gameplay balanced has changed so that accumulation of materials is slow, and burns your calories faster. The end result has made for, I think, I thoroughly unenjoyable experience.

In simple terms, you could have previously described it as:

  • Gather primarily wood to create the structure you want, continue to gather wood as well as other resources to keep you supplied. As you progress you’ll have more time to explore and shoot people in the face.

…which has become:

  • Primarily hunt for food while gathering wood to create a structure, ensuring you don’t run out while engaged in other resource gathering (where you burn more calories using the axe due to the activity). As you progress, continue to hunt as your primary activity whilst gathering other materials.

What exacerbates this is that to get the most out of the food, you should cook it, and setting up a fire every day whilst in the middle of nowhere is a hoot, but gets boring, especially in such a game where you’ll probably get shot, and have the whole problem of finding food again. With the latest changes, this has become about staying fed, I think this needs to be eased back a bit. Unless the expending of calories due to activity is a mechanic to stop mouse-click automation, I would suggest getting rid of it - it really does discourage doing anything.

The game is still in Alpha so it’s probably not going to be like that in the future. All we can do is wait.

Well,once you manage to seattle down,you find yourself in a situation in which you have a lot of food.Right now,I have 2 stacks of cooked chicken on me,I know what to do with it.

@Bobbo: It’s alpha, thus I’m providing bug reports and feedback, that’s what an alpha is.

@Owsen: So do I, but since logging in today I’ve been going through it like no-ones business.

I guess there’s a reason to hunt finally :slight_smile:

To be honest, the change shocked me a little when I first started playing with the balance update. After a while though, you get used to it. As far as I’ve seen, it’s decreased the amount of gunning in my area because resource collecting is now limited by hunger,

Also, it makes it a bit harder for bandits to break down doors on low hunger levels.

Now that there’s a penalty for using the axe, it would be nice if we could finally break walls.

Maybe eventually guns will get changed to be harder to obtain as well. along with ammo… So it’ll be something to use sparingly instead of run&gun :V