Commercial S&box Games/Modes

It’s currently common practice to ask for “donations” which happen to offer you virtual items and benefits. Some servers seem to make a considerable amount of money from it. I have to wonder if that’s even legal, but I’ve heard some people do register a business and pay taxes at least. These things will continue happening with S&box I assume.

With the new level of polish and freedom soon possible(another assumption), it feels safe to say that you could very much make a “game” instead of just a “gamemode”. There’s PolyStrike already. Matchmaking support seems to be a real consideration even, and Garry has talked about not wanting to have a server browser at all but rather something more effective at helping you find actually interesting stuff.

The question(s):
Is there room for any plan to financially(and otherwise) support developers who want to use S&box more as a game engine by itself? Would they get a dividend of profit depending on how many people play it? Could people buy the rights to play some games from a hypothetical S&box store? And could this apply to addons as well?

At least if the game/mode was good enough, it could be officially listed with its own Steam-like hub and a page the devs could customize, and an option to donate from the menu. You could do something similar to TF2 where you buy a monthly quality matchmaking pass and part of the profit is divided between games depending on the matchmaking playtime they have.

There are already popular third party storefronts for GMod content. It’s absolutely a thing, though a lot of that appeal is a matter of direct support from developers. That doesn’t mean these can’t be appeals for S&box either. You make a risk when you buy an early access game from Steam.

Really, I would like to see how this will be handled. Ideally we could rely on the content itself being enjoyable for server costs to be covered. That would lead to so much better content in the long run, but it seems totally impractical if there’s no kind of commerce outside of the ubiquitously shoehorned and often scummy donation schemes we see today.

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That didn’t show up when I used different search terms, which makes my thread redundant. I’ll just delete it.


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Many people who play gmod are dirt poor or kids who had no money or had to beg their parents to buy them a $10 game

It would suck for them to finally get their hands on sandbox just to find out that every better game mode and addon is paid extra.

I am afraid commercialization may kill this game in its early days and make people return to gmod.

There is a huge need to be very very careful with this stuff.


This is an interesting question, a lot of talented developers have to shift their focus when trying to make money selling/developing mods.

Considering a lot of developers coming into s&box grew up playing or learnt coding in gmod, we’re going to see a massive demand for map/addon/model content early on. Maybe developers should start charging more money for addons or developers should start running their own communities. I think this really comes down to the following:

  • Max player size
  • Server performance
  • Available gamemodes/meta

@garry is aiming for 500 player servers and large map size. If this pans out, then communities will be A LOT different to how things are in gmod, maybe on a closer level to large minecraft servers, but more chaotic.

Atleast with larger player counts, server communities can afford to logically hire developers. Think a couple of dozen larger servers rather than hundreds of small servers.


Not necessarily, hosts may want to pay for addons so that it’s an addition to the host’s server, say for instance a model or map. Not necessarily a paywall to play on their server, it doesn’t make dollars or cents to structure it that way.

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I totally agree to how servers should operate like large minecraft servers. IMO server owners should be paying for the addons, then users can buy cosmetic items or what have you to support the server in their development/purchase of addons. I know because of the Mojang EULA Minecraft servers are only allowed to sell cosmetic items or things that aren’t like game breaking OP. I don’t know if Sbox would put something similar in place but it will be interesting to see how it plays out.

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  • This is what i wanted to say.

I don’t wanna see paid mods or game mode.
I know a lot of “mod dev” wants paid mods game mode but
i don’t think thats a good idea.
If someone bought the game i don’t think he wants to see paid addons/mods.

If garry accept the paid addons then he accepts.
:man_shrugging: but it’s not a good thing.

I know everyone gonna hate me for this.


Didn’t Garry say he is planning on having a good amount of content when the game releases by moderating who gets early access and hiring some of them? Most of the developers on the other paid mods thread also said they would rather remake them for free unless they were worth the money. 99% of the people that buy addons are usually servers, the remaining 1% is me to see how the hell they made it.


Oooh ok ubre.
Thanks for telling me that! :slight_smile: :heart:

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