Commercial use of Garry's Mod and concent from Team Fortress 2

Hello, I’d like to do some videos with TV club from my school. I’d like to know, can I use any content from Team Fortress 2 for commercial movie? If yes, can I have a proof of that by a document or anything?

How would it be commercial?

If its for school, then go ahead and use it.

If its for a school project which requires you to have actual consent from the original creators then good luck.

So, for commercial use, Team Fortress 2 content is unavailable?

What about the engine itself? Can I use Source with Garry’s Mod to commercial use with my own maked content?

Garry stated a while ago that you can use Garry’s Mod in videos without his permission.

You can make profit off of it aswell, stated in

No ,Source engine is owned by VALVe = same thing as TF2
You can 't use any game that you didn 't make. Except if you have a document stating that X company allow <your name> to use <game here> content

Valve owns the game content, the Team Fortress brand and trademark. It says in the terms that you’re not allowed to use their content to profit, Just like it says in 99% of the commercial games terms. In small scale things generally no one really gives two shits, Even though it’s really cheezy to use someone elses content for making profit.

Note that commercial use means in this case that for example you create a movie, Let’s say something like War of the servers. It would be illegal for you to profit from that movie because it has their content in it. To be allowed to profit from it you’ll have to get the owners permission, Generally this means making a contract with the party(company) that owns the content(they get X amount of money in exchange for the rights, AKA selling the ownership of the content. Or they get X% of the profits).

But like i said, With small scale stuff no one gives two shits and you’re not really profiting from it if you’re making few crappy videos and showing them in some TV club. It’s not like you’re selling tickets for the show, You know?

Also garry doesn’t seem to know that he does not own the rights for the valve’s content, and that permissions are tied to the invidual(s) who’s been given that permission. You cannot inherit permissions, You can only inherit ownership - There’s no such thing as a legacy permissions.(As in: I give you permission to use my bike, But it’s not okay for you to give permission to billy to use MY bike nor for billy to give jimmy that permission). Again not to imply that a big company cares if someones making few funny bucks from a youtube video.