Commie Combine

Can anyone do some Commie Combine? Not much to say here, pretty self-explanitory.

No, it’s not self-explanitory. Explain what you want.

Communist combine.
Not hard to understand.

Give the details, like what color or where you want the patches or nobody will help you.


hah, nice there…:v::v:

Like the zombien joke

Yeah that wasn’t good.

Red torso, helmet, chest, and arms.
Yellow padding
Black gloves/hands
Blue eyez
Sickle + Hammer on the back
How about you throw on a yellow aperture science logo on the padding :3?

There is one out there but not as you described it

That’s sort-of what I want
Just on the armpads the Aperture logo and on the top of the helmet the start…same with the soldier, prison guards and metrocops.

Would be nice if they where hexed. If made into NPCs it would be fun.

So, anyone willing to try it?

well, he got perm’ed for UTT

I could try to reskin the original combine to make it looking like a communist. Other than that I don’t know how to model/hex.

Whats that?

Undescriptive Thread Title?