Commissar & Bar Scene

Just some misc posing with some stuff I’ve done.

Low res picture in the background in the 1st screen really kills it. Other than that, posing is ok, but the face posing in screen 2 isn’t that good.

I love the violinist solely because you don’t see much of that sort of thing.

Nicely done.

Liking the Commissar model. I’ve never seen that before.

That model. I wants it.

Nice job, as well as texture.

Commissar looks nice.

And i like posing on the guy with the violin.

It’s a joint project between me and nexus. I rebuilt the textures from the DOW(2?) model that he ripped and fixed up. I’ve left the release to him, so…
Anyway, it’s by far one of the most insane textures I’ve ever done. Since I basically did all the textures from the ground up. The .psd has close to 80 layers, most of which have custom layer styles, and I had to make or find all the symbols and insingia on the uniform.

Well the textures do look better then the originals.

The girls posing looks off on the chest. Try improving it, also improve texture graphics. Having low rev will just slap a big fail on this.

I cannot wait for the models. I recentlly got a Surge of Interest in the Dawn of War Universe.

The Comissar looks amazing, although I have never played the original Dawn of War

Is the Comissar part of the Imperial Guard?

Both of the pictures look pretty good. In the second, the violinist has this look of, “I REALLY, REALLY don’t want to be here…”

It’s the picure that’s piss poor rez, not my settings. I didn’t edit it because I believe that non-effects driven screenshots should be able to stand on their own without editing.

I’m not really sure the bartender’s posing is off. Here’s another angle.

As for the commissar, it’s been done for months, it’s just out of my hands when it comes to a release.

Ok thats good to know, tell you one thing, that angle fits best, its just when I look at her from the other picture I see the buttons around the chest slightly out of place. Thats all…


Hope you dont mind but I did a quick edit on the first picture.