Commission request Playermodell/Ragdoll

Can someone make me a gmod playermodel and ragdoll?

im willing to pay for it

here are some character references

if someone can do that for me leave me a pm or email me , or just add me on skype “stitch-mimulus”

(User was banned for this post ("wrong section" - postal))

jesus christ no :nope: :toadleave:

whats your problem ?

I tend to like some requests that are interesting or nice looking, but this, no one will volunteer to do it.

Also, wrong thread.

so you think you can speak for everyone is that so ?

i thought its supposed to be a neutral/friendly forum not an insulting/disrespecting forum

i normally ask , if you hate something keep it for yourself … instead posting it putting down someones request

Oh dear god no, people still use that argument. Can we not talk ever again? Thank you.

so the newbe wants to represent the whole forum wow … i think im gonna ignore that

judgement of others and their actions is a fundamental part of human nature and part of what holds our societies together, if you don’t like it you can always go live alone on a mountain somewhere

Don’t even bother, this forums known for trolls.

very sad but true and because of those trolls some nice ideas dont have even a chance

It would have been even worse if you had said It’s for a DarkRP server, THey seem to hate DarkRp too.

Anyway about the suggestion, You would get a lot more responses and offers if you posted it in this section instead. Which is dedicated to modelling.

Hope this helps.

already done ^^ but thanks

  1. Wrong section
  2. Furries are generally disliked, the chances of anyone even having the thought of doing it even if paid is slim unless the payment was so much that they would be stupid not to (Don’t even mention my name, long story that would take too long to explain in a forum post to a stranger)
  3. As Legendofrobbo said
  1. Asking for a model requested (of your own OC which I assume, of which the chances are even slimmer) is not considered an idea.
  2. Serverwatch can be categorized as a troll and/or [INSERT YOUR CHOICE OF LESS INTELLIGENT PERRSON ADJECTIVE] that talks about propkill like he needs to to live
  3. If you had already made a thread in the correct place, then why would one exist here in the wrong place?
  4. In regards to the “neutral/friendly forum”, buddy I have got a bridge to sell you

what do you think i should react on those trolls ? ignore or response is the choice …

my character is maybe categorisized as a “furry” , but is that an argument to be disrespected even if its just a request ? im new to this forum even me can make mistakes putting a question in the wrong thread

and yes i made and own this character you can check myself if you add me on skype
further discussions about me i continue there

this comission isnot supposed for any roleplay or shit , i want it …to say i have it… and maybe make some nice gmod images for badges etc…

anyways this thread can be deleted , but i dont know how further talk is going on in the model area