Common Gmod Addons

I wasn’t sure what I would have had to search to find a thread on this (especially one that is current), but my question is fairly simple:

I was wondering what some of the most commonly downloaded/used Gmod tools/models/materials are? If you can, please name them and a download link to them, as I am tired of seeing “ERROR” so much and would like to get up-to-date as soon as possible.


Look at my previous tread,most of the SVNs are usefull

you’ll need
PHX Model Pack 3:
For all the ERRORS

You’ll alsow need this
Wire Mod:
Wire Model Pack: model pack 1
Wire Extras:

And from Garry’s tool,Smart Snap,and easy precision :wink:

Thank you very much guys. :smiley:

Unfortunately, Croc, your links for the Wire Mods don’t work or lead to some site that is requesting a username/password kind of deal before actually directing me to the site…

You need an SVN client such as TortoiseSVN.

Its not incredibly popular yet, but Fin 2. It is really useful for making anything from an airplane to a sailboat. That is, if you are into jeemawd aviation…
Take a look through this thread.

PHX3, Wire, weight stool, stacker, I’d say Propeller Models if you like building things that move/engines/aircraft, and most certainly gm_wireconstruct_rc.
Here’s the wiremod SVN. Dead easy to install, and doesn’t require a client.
And here’s the PHX SVN, if you don’t already have it.

Another couple of useful tools I always make sure to have are:

Brilliant savers for time and general sanity.