Common infected in L4D2 do not spawn in Survival map

Hey guys,

I’m trying to make a survival map, and seeing as I have never really touched L4D2 in any meaningful way I figured I would start with Survival.

Followed this Tutorial:

But he doesn’t really talk about setting up the nav properly or any oddities with the AI Director. Doing some searching helped me discover that maybe the director is not spawning them because they are too close to the player. I created some simple facades for infected to jump from as well as an alleyway, and still nothing.

Any ideas? I feel like the Trigger_finale and the director aren’t linked properly.

So it’s been a couple days, and had 95 views, Anyone have any idea about what I’m doing wrong?

AFAIK L4D2 maps must have an appropriate nav mesh to spawn these common infected.
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