Common ways to crash a DarkRP servers

I’ve been having a lot of crashes on my DarkRP server recently, with no LUA errors or bad coding. I’ve caught a lot of people crashing the server, but many continue to get away with it. Are there any common exploits that I can fix by banning certain tools or props?

Motor tool should be restricted to Super Admin. If you use wire, restrict some of those.

Lamps and Lights lags servers alot.
Block all Ragdolls since alot of those is lagging down servers. All of them.
Big props like rails and rollecoaster props should be blocked too.

If your hosting a DarkRP that disallows building, completely disable the Qmenu. There is no purpose for it.

If you allow building, ban giant props, thrusters, hoverballs, wheels, lamps, lights, turrets (Do the same with wiremod). Things like motor tool & winch some people might rely on those for certain things(s) in their house(s)… Such as rotating doors, security systems, etc.

Wiremod expression2 can be banned to prevent it, but the problem is wiremod is practically trash without expression2. So if your gonna disable E2, remove wiremod. Because gates can do almost the same things E2s can.

You’d just want to disable things that will crash the server, but isn’t to restrictive. Banning things that people will/might need will make your server unpopular due do to having far to many restrictions.

Kind of like the IG clan server, they’d restrict to much and the server practically became useless… AKA they made the crashes worse because it brought a worse community.

But if the server crashes because of CPU/Ram usage(which I’d recommend you check) - it’s not an addon problem it’s a server power problem with the amount of resources.

Lots and lots of Wooden chairs.

Server crasher right there.