Communal Living?

I think this had been discussed once several months ago but I thought I’d try to get people’s idea on it.

What if there were some kind of communal living area with pre-generated wooden shelters? I’m thinking almost like a refugee camp scenario. Anyone can come into the camp and place a door to claim their own shelter but your use of items in the area is restricted. You’d only be able to place one wooden door every 24 hours or something similar within this refugee camp, that way people that are low enough on the totem pole would be able to have somewhere to stash their stuff. I think it would have to be open to every, not just certain low-resource players, otherwise it’d be too easy for others to camp outside the area and take people down as they leave.

Enforcement within the camp could come one of two days. Either NPC characters that act like PeaceKeepers (think Zombies with rifles) or you could limit weapons in a similar manner to limiting door placement within the zone.

Just some thoughts I was thinking of yesterday when I was seeing some griefers attacking fresh-spawns.

Heh, sounds like a good idea to me, but i imagine a bunch of people would disagree.

Interesting, not sure if I agree or not, as I am a high resource player and find it easy to farm resources, with less new spawns this would make it even easier to get resources because no fresh spawns are interested in going into highly dangerous areas

I’m a base builder and I would love a clan to be more than just a tag in a name that you can define every hour. The guys I run with [SxG] (and fluff the haters ;)) are very supportive and you want to build… resources just come from everywhere… so it’d be great if more than one person could open a door. I mean I am online a lot, but not all the time :slight_smile: Same deal with everyone else. It isn’t essential now though and it its one of those cool features that’ll really change the landscape of the game :slight_smile:

Actually, Why not have garry make it so people spawn away from certain markers that people use to mark a village?

Random spawning in the entire map (when the game will be finished) will definitely clear the fresh spawn killing. From what i experienced, only new people are complaining a lot about it.
People slowly begin to understand they have the ability to choose their neighbors. Since aggressive players are concentrated on loot zone. Reasonable people are beginning to build their main base far away from them.
Implementing NPC characters as a solution is choosing the easy way to try to make a living world. Many companies have chosen this solution for their MMO because they don’t trust players’ ability to create their own world. As an example, i hate these shop npcs who buy all your stuff 24/7 without real economy impact.

Creating a living world takes time and effort. It wouldn’t look like paradise but it would be close to Reality.