Communications Issue

Hey everyone,
I am unable to chat with people in game while holding V. Was wondering if anyone else has had this issue. I know my mic is working because I’m able to chat on skype with friends. I would like to tell people I’m friendly before they blow my head off lol

Check your console when you’ve connected to a server (F1)

Should state which microphone you’re using. If you’re using windows, make sure the microphone is defaulted by the system just in case.

There was a way to change the microphone in-game, but I don’t remember that part. Could someone fill me in on that?

I know I’ve run around and people can’t hear me in-game. Out of game on TeamSpeak, they can hear me just fine. I ran behind a guy and was yelling into my mic his name. About 45 seconds later he finally heard me and turned around.