Community Blog Is Cool.....Dev Blog Is Cooler

Pretty much as the title states. It was interesting to see what other people are making for sure…but I’m more interested in what the devs are making by about 1000%

Any chance we can get both? If not at least get just the dev blog?

What makes you think we’re not getting both?

It would be pretty epic if we did =)

Friday dev updates have not been cancelled, they just thought we would also enjoy some community generated material. Sit tight, I’m sure the Friday dev update will be up soon.

Dev blog is probably coming in 2-4 hours as per usual.

I see comments are enabled again.

Yup, typical Rust devblog comments. Glad to see nothing’s changed, although they’re not spamming obscenities and server ads yet.

Trolls will troll and haters will hate. At the end of the day all those internet pussys hide behind their keyboards because they have nothing better to do with their time.

The vast majority simply doesn’t understand how things work.

When I started playing in december, it was also my first alpha experience, so basically I was also a bit confused about how things worked in a game that is under development. Fortunately, I came to this forum and learned with people (you guys) a little more how things work in an alpha game and now I am here defending, supporting, spreading the word and patiently waiting for the development of this game.

I must say it wasn’t a friendly journey, though, and most people were rude as hell on this forum. Yes, I know I should have known about how an alpha game worked before buying it. I actually read stuff about alpha games before buying Rust, but I didn’t know how it all worked “deeply”.

So yes, I guess most of the community right now don’t know how things work in early access, even though I feel like it was a lot worse before.

In the end, we’re all excited to see the future of this game, so when “noobs” come here complaining about the development of the game, my advice is we all should be friendly and actually explain stuff to them, so maybe we will “educate” them and Rust might get another long-term player.



FYI: there was never a plan to do just one. Garry has his thing, and I have mine.

He’s almost tactful, see…