Community Coder


We are looking for a Lua Coder To help us Make a RP Gamemode.


Good Knowledge of Lua.
Good Knoledge of MySQL.
Good at Designing Hud’s.

I will also code the gamemode. I just need someone to help.

Reward: Free 24 Slot Source Server with FastDL. Hosted in Germany on Our Dedicated server.



Sadly, no experienced coder will code to get a free server.

I doubt he can actually code

Fine. I’ll Do it myself. Suppose it would be better me Learning anyway.

And an experienced coder wouldn’t be coding an RP gamemode.

And that, Knoxed.

Some of the best RP gamemodes came from extremely experienced coders. DarkRP? Rick Dark is experienced. PERP? Huntskiksbutt is pretty qualified as well. Just because it’s a stereotype that RP is shit, doesn’t mean it’s true.

Thats like 2 years ago.

Is there a payment?

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Also, don’t sign your posts.

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If there’s some kind of payment you can add me on steam and we can work this out.

Dude just get DarkRP Or hack HL2RP.

Sorry to throw my two cents, and bump the topic. Although I’m sure there is an experience coder that would script a gamemode, he might not make it public, or he would sell it. I see it, if someone wants to make it, and they can, then they do. If someone likes roleplay they might make a roleplay gamemode and if they don’t like roleplay they might make something else.

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