Community Effort?

Hi guys,
So earlier in one of my threads, I brought this up, but I will make a thread dedicated to the idea as well, just to get some feedback, or hopefully get word from one of the devs. What if the devs opened up rust to allow people to submit code, models, or other such things for rust to a sort of dropbox for the devs to consider putting into the game? The idea I had behind this is that it would help to speed up development process (potentially,) give the community a chance to get what they want, and to develop things the devs may not have thought of or otherwise considered, among many other things. I would love to hear feedback, and would really like to have some word from devs about if there are any plans for something like this to happen, thanks :smile:

It’s an awesome idea and I’d imagine they would probably get flooded with 90% junk and 10% good ideas (seems like a decent trade-off). Some of the stuff that I’ve seen bouncing around the community has been awesome. The only uncertainty is whether they’ve got the man power to sift through the junk and find the gems. This would of course take away a bit from their actual development efforts.

Garry’s gotta make the call on this one though. I’m all for it if they’ve got somebody who’s willing to look through everything.

Point taken, but I really think that it has a whole lot of potential, because there are some highly capable people out here in the community with brilliant ideas that would fit beautifully in rust, that if they submitted them, the devs could polish it up and then include it. Plus who doesn’t want to see their name on the acknowledgement list on a game? :smile:

Although i can see why this would be good, i can see some downsides too. Such as submitting code that could cause more problems than it helps (placing bugs in on purpose), the amount of time and effort it would take to sift through 50 emails with code rather than just do it yourself is much higher.

However model submissions and designs could be a brilliant idea. Create a topic asking the community to submit there best models for a new weapon, vehicle etc.

Yeah, I can see how it might be a bit problematic. At very least, it gives people a chance to make a contribution to the game this early in development (it is still alpha, after all.)

Don’t get me wrong, it came across my mind too. But when it comes to the game design itself, it should probably be left to the developers.

Mods / Plugins is where the skillful programmers and model designers should probably focus there efforts.

Well in any case, the devs will get the final say, I just figured I would throw it out there as an idea.

maybe they could implement something similar to the steam workshop where the community votes whether they like it or not.

Not a bad idea, it leaves the community to decide and sort out the shitposters so the devs don’t have to waste time with that.

I am not sure if I am 100% correct but in order to make it work, they will have to release the source code to public. Without the source code, there is no way anyone can write any code as they don’t know what language, classes and stuff is being used. In my opinion, it will probably waste their time instead of helping them. I think the only support we can provide is coming up with decent ideas and suggestions :slight_smile:

Well, they wouldn’t necessarily have to dump the source code, as long as someone has a copy of the unity engine, they can develop for it, as far as I know.