Community Machinima

Has anyone done this? I start off a story and the community gets to add on one sentence at a time. And, eventually, when it reaches a climatic finale, I make a Machinima out of it.

If not, start posting

If someone did already do this, aim the cannons, my PC is in need of a blasting.

NOTICE: It can not use content from TF2, Portal or L4D 1&2, because spending somewhere near $90 on a YouTube video is derp.

So, I’ll start: Once upon a time, in {GMod map}…

Heavy was trolling Zoey, Rochelle, Nick and Louis by shooting them with Portal guns.

Heh, nice one. Is that you in your avatar?

It’s open to interpretation.

I believe now is a bad time to say that the l4d, l4d2, and tf2 content can be downloaded via

I tried but the models are invisible when I spawn them.

Look closer. They’re there.

This will never work.

We’re either going to continue this story or request the thread get taken off.

Which one is it gonna be? So far it seems to be leaning towards the second decision.