Community Mapper Needed


We are currently in need for a mapper for our community.

We need a edit of Bangclaw

Changes that need to be done:

  • Extend Residential area
  • We also want the Mall to be replaced into a spawn area. as well as a Car Dealership. These will be in the same area a bit like in some of the Evocity Versions.
  • Map loader (Decrease the fps lag)
  • Sign’s over the map with our community information they need to look sleek!

We are accepting all applications for this job.

Add me on steam: amunao

Thanks for reading.

Theres a guy called kruma, I’m sure he gladly make an application for this job

Okay could you please provide me with his steam contact details.

Thanks for reading.

I was joking. Don’t contact him.

Tell people what you are offering in return for this or you will get very little interest.

Also people don’t like editing other maps. Its not really ethical to do so without permission and you would need to decompile it first, messing it up making it even less optimised than it was already (I’m not sure if thats possible with bangclaw, since it seems to have 0 optimization anyway)

Contact the mapper to get the original VMF, or at least permission from him to decompile. Then people will consider editing it.

the bangclaw vmf is on I believe

I am like 75% sure this is copy pasta from some relic of a mapping thread, I swear that “map loader” comment has been used before.

EDIT: Yeah.

So either a “hilarious” copy pasta or they still need this done after a year, both of which are honestly kind of funny.

I’m afraid finding someone to do this for free may be a bit unsuccessful. most people find it very easy to lose interest working on someone else’s creation. Best of luck in your searches though…

Thanks for reading.

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Oh right that’s dangerously similiar

Time well spent, OP. I can see you’re really investing your finite time on this planet wisely.
I hope you’re amused to no end by this worthwhile thread.