Community name trouble


Me and a mate owned a DarkRP server around about may last year, and called it DatFancyRP or DatFancyGaming for all the servers. It took us about 3 months to bring the server to its full potential, averaging to around 40/50 players everyday. After it hit its peak, there was a wave of new DarkRP servers hitting the scene and slowly started wiping out our community. To that, I eventually had to put the community to a hold because of funds. About a month later, A few of the staff/old community members were asking if the server was ever going to be put back up, so, I put the server back up with a WW2 theme. Sadly, that didn’t go well either. That happened one more time, until I then chose to give another gamemode a shot. We changed it to Jailbreak and actually the same process occurred, we started at around 24 slots, then we hit 32 slots, and that made the server explode with players. The server was full almost every day, weekdays and weekends. But as we all know, Jailbreak doesn’t receive funds near as much as DarkRP did so I had to shut it down. This is the important part; I had an idea of merging with another community called Knoob Group, so that way if I ever wanted to resurrect my Jailbreak server again, I can just get them back. With the merge, the agreements were that I will tell my community that we have combined and my player base will move over to them. That was all I agreed on.

tl;dr sorry, you have to read the whole thing to understand.

Current story

About a week ago, my old staff notified me of a new DarkRP server that had the name “DatFancyRP” in the title. They later then said that they had changed it to some other name, which I am totally fine with.

But yesterday, Knoob Group made a post on their forums saying that they were curious about the new server and thought it was me who started my server up for the 3rd time. So they joined it. They were shocked that I had nothing to do with it and they kindly asked the owner of that server (which was apparently a regular on my old server) to change the name to something else. Then I got curious on what the hell is going on and continued to read the thread. They go on to say that since the merge, they have complete ownership of my community and the name and can do whatever they want to do with it. They choose not to use my community name because “it’s cancerous” and was “a complete scam”.

As stated before, the merge agreements were just me sending my community to theirs just to help them out, nothing else. I am completely outraged by this and have no clue on what to do. If you need any more info, just state it below.

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Uh, I’m no lawyer but I don’t think that’s how it works.

i remember datfancyRP

[sp]it was total shit[/sp]
[sp]i also remember when MLU completely trashed it lol[/sp]

edit: this kind of shit happens in the cancerous RP community all the time, some other kid copied the name of a mates server to gain players so we set up an inside man to backdoor it and we all had a jolly good time at the expense of him and his staff

I’m not even going to start a flame war to do with this.

[sp] MLU is dead. [/sp]

it is indeed dead but it had a good run while it lasted

Why am I not surprised at Knoob calling things ‘cancerous’

also i think i saw you from hvh. my memory is a bit hazy. hi.

yeah i play there sometimes lol, been slacking off these days though

My god that link you posted goes straight to a cesspool of bad spelling and immaturity. Why would you want to be associated with these loons in the first place?

-bump- does anyone have any idea’s?

Get someone to start up a server with that name and make sure they notice. Laugh as they can’t do anything. Problem solved.

Just straight up tell them that they do not own your name and that you never agreed to their terms.
There isn’t much that posting here will do. Just say you never gave them the permissions to your name and tell them to stop being silly.