Community needs help

Hello everyone im looking for a coder interested in taking the role as lead coder for a community called Serial Gamers, this is Australian but im willing to accept anyone :stuck_out_tongue:
If interested Add me on steam as lebofly1 and you can visit the site @
Coder will have full access to both gmod servers… If they can prove they are a coder


hello, i am a novice-medium good coder and i would like to help you and you comunity with some simple but effective scripts. if you want me to prove that i am a good coder, i will post you some screenshots. until then : you kwow on gmt they have these stores with npcs in them? i made something like that todoy and it will display stuff when you press use on it. with a litle bit of tweeking i could make it display the motd for you if you want? previously i have made a trailmod and i am pretty good in derma.


Ningaglio is an alt of the OP trying to advertise their shitty community in a way that they won’t get banned


Original Post, and I’ll help you. :slight_smile:

wow, 3 alts. GG.
And are you serious Kill coDer? D:


lol ty kill coder :stuck_out_tongue: and rofl OP if i was to do that i would have atleast said i have great coding skills so back off and use your brain

Well it seems that kill coder is too busy to help me if anyone is interested just tell me…

Sorry for the double post


“haha” How the fuck is that advertising… Just because it has the link in there, Next time dont even look at the fucking post if your going to be a dick head

Another PM me for details thread lol.

“Hello everyone im looking for a coder interested in taking the role as lead coder for a community called Serial Gamers”
All the details you fucking need mate

“Post enough details or don’t post at all”

All the details you fucking need mate.

Hu-Tchi! (Whip sound)

Anyways, wait they mean is; What is the coder going to do? Gamemode? SWeps? SEnts? RP? Stuff like that.

darkRP edits probably. oh and lebofly sorry to involve out of topic matters but last time i met you, you were saying you were a coder, why cant you code it yourself?

I know basic lua so im not capable of actually coding a working gamemode, No it will not be for DarkRP… I am finished with FailRP
I don’t have anything in specific, but i have a couple of ideas in mind.


I didnt ask advice from some retard, Try going to and apply for a job. Good luck

maybe you should look at some of the work he’s done in the Glua community before you flame someone OP. Sheesh :stuck_out_tongue:

You lied, thats not a real site…

Oh and btw flaming a popular coder when you are looking for a coder, not a good idea.

i couldnt give a shit how popular he is… just shows his social status irl