Community News Sites... Any survived the "Test of Time"

Its been a while now since closed its doors to publicly posted news and people were sent out with its final challenge… To make their own and continue its legacy.

Since then there seem to have been a collection of these ‘community news sites’ popping up and looking at them, most seem to have stopped posting :confused: seemed to be the remnants of the old team and they only appear to post when they find something. The closest to success there has been was garrysnightmare who managed to gain the much needed ability to find things to report on rather than sitting around expecting people to tell them, they even managed a flashy website but all the efforts seem to have come down to yet anther full stop.
Other then that constructive news run by overv seems to make some regular and interesting posts but few know about it.

Lets reopen this challenge and give the ‘community’ something to aim for by attempting to create a smart, well run news site that people enjoy to read.


Problem is people just don’t find the extra time to run news sites. I’d be up for the task and handle the coding, but I’m not sure if I’d get the community behind me on this, as most sites simply stop getting submitted content.

I’m rather sure that if you had the right amount of people time management would be less of an issue.

I dont know if i’m on the right track here, but for me, i think there’s quite a large amount of people who’d love to be involved in such things but just dont have the right skills or experience to take up such a role.
Like, myself, i’d LOVE to be involved in something like that, i’m a writer by nature and i think it’d just be nice to have something to write about with, i suppose a purpose?
But i’ve never been a part of anything like that before, i’ve never done anything like blogs or anything like that, the best i had is back on an old WoW server i wrote all the RPing dialog like in-character welcome guides, hell, i wrote the whole server manual (Yeah, we had one, shit was complicated back then haha) xD
I have all the time in the world and once my mind is set on something, it’s done.
But i have no prior experience, no knowledge of any requirements or expectations, so on and so forth.

I think it’s an exciting prospect, as they’ve all been, but those dedicated enough to get behind it and make it work, normally have divided attention, and everything falls to shit.

I’m still waiting for that one person to make a new Garry said he would redirect to the new site if it was good enough.

People use svn these days because it’s easier to update client side and it’s much easier to manage developer side, so unless someone makes another subversion site specifically for garrysmod… There isn’t much point

This is true…but I never see all addons and maps that way.