Community Partner?

Hello, I am MonkeySpanker and I currently run a small but growing community which is made up of multiple (DarkRP, Sandbox x2, Stronghold, TeamSpeak, etc) servers and what makes us stand out from most other communities is that we accept absolutely no Donations, Custom Classes, RP Cash for $, “VIP” or “Donator” Rank, etc and we value an Open and welcoming forum that has guidelines that prevent players from Verbally abusing a fellow user for reasons such as Age, Gender, Sexual Orientation, Voice, etc. And we only consist of a Fair and balanced Staff team by having a special hierarchy which prevents Me, A Co Founder, etc from abusing and we have a set of rules which benefits the players and prevents them from having to deal with 1 abusive “High Rank” person.

My only reason for looking for another community owner is to help with some issues we are facing which is low admin/moderator count and various other things I will not get into to spare you from boredom. I already have a website (No, not a weebly or enjin. A real website!) which is currently being used as a forum and I have a dedicated machine from NFO which if accepted you will be able to host servers on as well (Assuming we stay under the 70% CPU utilization). I will also never ask for financial support from you. All I ask is that you are a Friendly, Mature, Intelligent person and does not waste my time.

Please message me at for more info/question/comments. I will not post the IP for servers or my website to prevent being called out for “Advertising”. And please if you did not understand anything I wrote please reply asking for clarification.

Thanks for taking the time to read, Monkey

Most people will skim over this and rate it dumb because it has to do with someone else’s server, however, you’re definitely one of the most mature server owners around it seems. Not discriminating, taking monetary substantiates, or advertising are rare qualities these days. Good luck in your future ventures!

Thank you, I appreciate the positive comment.

At first glance I thought that this was another of those god-awful DarkRP servers everyone and their dog have going on, but this actually seems like something… Good for the Garrysmod community.

I’m not interested in becoming an admin, but I do admire youe policies. I am, however, interested in participating. Can I get PMed the IP?

Kudos to you, you have a solid community framework with the right style of mindset.


commonity partener i’ll be ur partner when do we record for utube?

I just realized I did not leave my Steam account. Here you go,

Also I have been getting questions regarding what exactly I am asking for and the answer would be that I just need help with creating more servers and configuring them correctly. I just do not have time to both handle expansion and player issues. My current options are to either get more admins/moderators by advertising/spreading the word however all this does is attract negative attention and makes the community look terrible and it just would not work out well at all as I have very strict requirements for applicants but my second option is to let more users apply over time but have a Partner with me that can help me out with background issues. I hope that small passage cleared up some questions? Please do not forget to contact me for any questions at all. I actually enjoy reading them as it shows me I should not give up as I have supporters that actually admire the idea of a Positive Community which I think everyone in Garrysmod deserves especially with the Clusterfuck of Pay to Win and Scriptfodder Plagued servers running rampant.

Thanks again, Monkey!

Hey monkey, I’m just composing an email to you now.

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A few communities are starting to pop up with this mentality now. The only problem is, people that normally have this mentality don’t have the finances to get it going, compared to the undying hordes of teenagers starting their own servers on rented slots using their parent’s credit card(s) to not only pay for all their addons, but for the server, (create-your-own-using-our-web-builder) website, and a $50 booter from HF for hitting the competition offline!

Then there is the fact that the vast majority of GMOD players actually ENJOY this cancer.