[Community project organization] Team Fortress: Source 2's Community Launch update

In collaberation with friend @OMGplays and hopefully the main devs for approval
With the Source 2 tools being a gracious workflow for maps and models or content
now we take the reins of the tools to create plenty of content for launch.

NOTICE RULES: however we need to keep limits here to not overflow file sizes or have too much or else we’ll back to main source 1’s TF2’s bloating, so we can only have a few things depending on the devs

second of all, NO PORTING IN OTHER’S WORKS, or ripping straight from the tf2 workshop

We’re looking for:
-Weapon skins made in material editor with PBR shading and texturing
-S2FM Artists
-Cut weapons to comeback (dynamite or grenades)
-Modelers (for props, weapons or custom content)
-Animators for custom taunts

Post below to see what you’ve got or WIPs, love to see potiential


This is highly unnecessary, I suggest people not to waste their time on this, the TF2:S2 team is already huge, they don’t need the help of the community.

+ There already are hundreds of maps, weapons and cosmetics that they can and will just port, making new ones is redundant, especially for a project that might just die before it comes out or get shut down by Garry.

The team plans to make original content (aka not TF2) so I doubt they’ll use all that manpower just to port models, you could join their team for this effort instead.


i was gonna put in a NO PORTING others work rule

As in true TF2 fashion, the developers just move files around while they get the community to do all the work for free.


Sorry but I don’t get what’s the point of cloning TF2, if anyone wants to play it he can play the original one, the game is free and already has lots of content. I agree it’s much easier to make a clone rather than to develop your own but you are risking to face copyright issues. Facepunch stuff already told that no one is allowed to publish copyrighted content to workshop (with no special excuses) and I assume they would especialy prevent copying of Valve content. Honestly I don’t know exactly what Facepunch would do in such cases but nothing could stop them from deleting your work and banning your workshop account from publishing, so you should be very certain if you don’t want your work undone.

And if you think that making models from scratch will save your ass, you are wrong. The characters themselves are also an intellectual property as they are a work product of concept artists and scriptors, that’s something more than a bunch of textures and triangles.


not making the port
Team Fortress 2: Redux - #27 by MeDerp these guys are but okay
dont need to be dramatic about it

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