community question carebears vs. griefers

so i keep seeing these whine threads popping up about the game being to pvp centric and i have to ask after years of playing pvp games why is there always this group of care bears hell bent on watering down the core aspects of pvp games? its not like pvpers jump on every pve game and lobby for full loot systems etc. so why is the reverse true?

things like immunity to players
invincible homes

crap that just waters down the pvp elements i dont get it, why do they even take interest in these open world pvp games when all they do is complain about the open world pvp?

is too hard, ffs that is the point it supposed to be hard, that the only reason it feels like you accomplish anything in this game

i want to see both sides on this one but i just don’t understand why these people ever start playing in the first place, and then turn around and try to water down the main reason the fans of the game are even playing it

go home carebears or quit crying when we farm you this is not a game centered on you go play farmville or minecraft ffs if you want to play a cuddly simulation

are the carebears coming because of the minecraft comparison? if so maybe a disclaimer like its minecraft on hardcore, but more hardcore or something might help

Sadly any online game is like this. You can look at the MOBAs and constant bitching about unbalance or a mechanic that is too hard.

MMORPGS are a major victim everyone wants easy loot and best gear in the game but do not want to put in the effort to execute flawless execution of mechanics.

I feel FPS games may actually be one of the only ones that do not suffer from this.

There are only a handful of games that have remained untouched by the “easy goers” like the Demon Soul series. I hope facepunch does not succumb to these players.

The fun of rust is the PvP, but the problem with rust right now is also the PvP.

Honestly, people need to accept that it’s a PvP game at its core right now - there just aren’t any other threats after you get a decent weapon. Animals and zombies are pretty easy to take out with just the bow and arrow.

I think a big part of the problem is most of the criers don’t take the time to read up about the game before buying it. It tells you in the damned description that other players are going to be hunting you down…