Community Server Looking to Expand Population

Hey Everyone,

Over at we have set up a 200 slot server for Rust. The server is a west coast server but all player are welcome.

Server =

The server was wiped on 2/26 , so newcomers and veterans are welcome. We try to wipe only on updates and back up player data daily.

We have set up the server with the following options, but are willing to listen to ideas that our community might have.

1/4 Craft
No Crafting C4, only drop from air and Red animals
Customized Loot Tables
Removal tool
TDM Arena (with prizes )
Air drops @ 10 players
Admins in most time zones

We have not reduced the number of military weapons available on the server as we want there to be a healthy amount of PvP, but we have made C4 scarce so that you can feel that your home is reasonably safe. The game is not fun if your stash is constantly looted making you too scared to take your “good” gear out for some firefights. That being said, there are still plenty of opportunities to get C4.

We hope to see you in game.

Bump, Finished making the arena its 30x30 foundation. Two teams of up to 12 players each fight it out every 5 mins for loot. Winners that live get the loot, looser and dead people start out naked again.

Bump we are up to date with 10 players on right now :slight_smile:

Wiped, with players on right now. Get in make a house before all the good spots are taken.