Community server problems

Hello new to Rust and I have a problem with the game not wanting to complain cause I love the game but I am having a problem loading into community servers I can click the button all day to join and it wont let me into the game just wondering if anyone can help me
Thank you!

/\ have the same problem.


ya i cant join any server but official servers

Double Right click.

I wish a mod would combine all these topics.

does not work for me

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Once I hit around a 1000 servers (when it is finding them) my computer slows down and every time, from there on out, when I click on a server or try to sort it freezes for a second. I was wondering if anyone else was having this problem, it might be the number of servers.

Disco would like to state that there is alot of threads already stating the issue you are having Daviecrockett.

There is a solution , if you got a friend in a server that you want to join , once he login tell him to goto console or press F1 and check the ip
then you open the console and type "net.connect <ip> " without the hashtags.
If you are unable to join one…
then by all means come join my server , brand new PVP/nosleep 1/2 crafting time…
net.connect :slight_smile:

It says invalid ip or port missing

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It says invalid ip or port missing
When I post net.connect.ip