community server

Just wondering how you can make a community server and get it on the list. Thanks.

making a community server is easy; but the server list itself is still limited to 200 results (by memory), so it’s a bit more arbitrary to get your server “on” the list.

Mrknifey. Could you please explain this in more detail?

Are you saying that there could be more than 200, but only 200 show up?
Also, I rent a server. How can I get it on the community server instead of modded?

If you use any mods, your server doesn’t belong in the community tab; it belongs in the modded tab. The exception is servers that are not running Oxide/etc. but are using rcon tools like Rusty – servers that only use rcon and don’t modify server files don’t count as modded and display in the community tab.

Forcing it to display in the community tab when it’s using mods is risking your server’s IP being permanently blacklisted from the server list.

Yes, right now the server listing is artificially limited to displaying only 200 results when there are a few thousand servers. This is temporary.