Community Servers wiped?

Hi there,

got all community servers wiped? because ours got wiped and our server admin did not do the wipe.
I thought its up to the server admins if a community server got wiped or not. Or could it be that the server hoster wiped all his servers?

The server either messed up and they didn’t know how to roll it back, or they lied and didn’t want to hear the population complain.

I really do not know what is happening right now. I have noticed a significant decrease in servers today. Yesterday there were 800 servers approximately and now there are about 238 at the time of writing. If you read the news on their website there is stated that it is recommended to wipe your server if it has not been wiped because they did some changes and you need to wipe it to apply those new changes.

This update required a wipe.

The servers you’re not seeing more than likely haven’t updated to the new patch is why you don’t see them… The servers didn’t have to be wiped it was up to the owners.

That’s pretty much “required a wipe”, although it’s not strictly necessary, but a very good idea.

Nod however some people are under the impression that they have to wipe to update their server which is not the case… It is a bad idea to throw around the word “Required”. =D