Community speaks: Ideas, concepts, and suggestions.


I. Your Survivor:
-Character Customization allows you to choose your name, change facial features and skin color and along with gender, the list goes on.
-You start with only 12 inventory slots (can be upgraded and does not include your hot bar)
-Your survivor can wear several different styles of tribal face paint or none at all if you choose
-If not equipped with the right clothing during the winter after a certain amount of time your character will begin to freeze and you will not regenerate health and your hunger will lower more quickly

**II. Crafting: **
-The items you can initially craft is very limited. You will gain the ability to craft more items as you create the tools necessary. Each tools is linked with more items and certain items require multiple tools to craft
-Tools include: Hammer, screwdriver, saw, etc.
-Clothing can now be crafted, this includes: Long sleeve shirts, jackets, hoodies, gloves, boots, etc.
-Clothes have a very basic and makeshift appearance and are initially have a brown leather color which can be dyed with the essential materials (no buttons, no zippers, no fancy patterns, similar to this )
-Mines and bear traps (will kill animals and damage players) can now be crafted -A backpack can now be crafted in order to gain more inventory space. Your backpack can be upgraded to increase your inventory as well.
-You can now craft a map, which becomes more detailed as you explore the map and will show people in your friends list
-A furnace can now be crafted, it is more efficient than a campfire and you can now craft more items (including guns)
-Guns and ammunition are much harder to craft but also come with more power: By using the furnace you create individual parts of a weapon. Such as the stock or barrel, you then have to refine these parts and polish them using certain tools. Then you can assemble the weapon into the final product.
-The more complex and powerful the weapon, the more parts that are needed
-Walls damaged by gunfire can be repaired
-Torches can now be crafted and are a way to light up your surroundings using very little resources. They can be carried or placed in a wall or on the floor. Torches eventually burn out. (charcoal and branches?)
-Gates can now be crafted and function very similarly to doors except are much larger allowing horses and cars to pass through (horses are mentioned later)
-Saddles can now be crafted (purpose is self-explanatory)
-You can now combine leather and kelvar armor to make heavy armor (similar appearance to the bomb-suits used today: ) which will absorb much more damage but makes you move much slower
-Ghillie suits can now be crafted aiding you in hunting and making it harder for players to see you
-A new building material you can craft is sulfur concrete, this material is much stronger than wood but is also much stronger
-Workbenches can now be made that decrease crafting time while you are working at them

III. Weapons and Combat
-Guns now can jam causing the player to go through an animation, which will in turn un-jam the weapon (this can only happen when reloading so you wont die because your gun jammed in the middle of a fire fight)
-There is now a peek mechanic allowing players to fire at an angle from behind cover
-While using a firearm you can melee an enemy which will knock them back and stun them
-Weapons and armor have a much more crude look to them, weapons have rust and dents (an almost orc-like look to them) and armor looks as if it was made by a man living in the wild.
-A spear can now be crafted (good for hunting and very cost-effective)
-Bows and Arrows can now be crafted (they are silent and can kill with two well-placed shots, and the arrow drops as distance increases) with very little resources
-A crossbow can now be crafted (a more modern style without the scope: The resources required for the crossbow is similar to gun construction. It has more accuracy and damage than the bow but with a longer reload time, although they both use the same ammunition.
-A makeshift riot shield can now be crafted used only as a form of defense (though you can shield bash)
Guns: They are now generic weapon types that fit certain roles with only one or two per type such as:
-A shotgun (a double barrel which can fire both bullets at the same time, and a pump-action, based off the remington 870)
-A Pistol (a model similar to what is already in the game that is based of the colt 1911, along with a revolver that deals more damage with less in the clip and more recoil)
-A Hunting rifle (bolt-action, good at range but can only be used with iron sights, based off the mauser)
-A Burst rifle (limited to a 3 shot burst, if fired off very quickly it will jam, based off the stg 44)

IV. Hunting wildlife and enemies:
-Crows now are present throughout the world giving the game a very eerie feeling
-If the animal is killed by the bow and arrow or the spear more items will be skinned and collected due to the cleanness of the kill
-Horses can now be found although they are fairly rare and need to be broken (tamed) and have a saddle equipped in order to be ridden
-Horses can be tied to a structure or tree and can be fed in order to regain health
-Horses take a lot of damage before dying
-Maniacs (instead of zombies) can be found throughout the world and will aggressively attack you with anything from their fists to a hammer to a pickaxe and will constantly twitch, mumble and talk to themselves due to their insanity

V. Game Mechanics
-Armor and tools (hatchet and pickaxe) now have a durability meter that slowly is depleted to the point where the item breaks (maybe rust can develop on them!).
-Gathering wood from trees is a longer process but pays off much more: First you must cut the tree down. Then you must cut up the fallen trunk into smaller sections. Once you have cut the trunk the logs can be collected. Branches can also be collected as well.
-Trees that have been cut down remain as a stump and will eventually grow back again.
-Firearms now can punch holes through structures much like in DICE’s Battlefield series.
-Although walls, barricades and doors can only severely damaged not completely destroyed and can be repaired.
-You can now trade with other players
-You can now add people to your friends list which will allow them to open your doors, appear on your map, and make their name constantly visible to you over their head in green letters.
-As you begin to loose more and more health your screen begins to go black and white
-In order to heal yourself you much go through an animation of your survivor bandaging himself up
-Items fill up your inventory based on their size. For example, logs would take up to slots while paper would only take up one.
-Also, as stack size increases so will the amount of space that is taken up in your inventory.

**VI. The Game World **
-Much larger maps (making horses and vehicles more valuable)
-Guns can rarely be found in several conditions: rusted, worn, and untouched. These labels are assigned and describe the likelihood for the gun to jam, its overall performance and it’s appearance.
-Certain guns can only be found not crafted (such as the m4).

  • Cars can spawn individually or in large numbers (such as a junkyard) giving resources such as metal fragments (from the car itself), rations or even other valuable items from the past as loot.
    -Cars regenerate loot over time making junkyards hop spots and very valuable areas
    -Seasons are now added (winter, summer, spring, fall) all with different weather patterns (snow increase in the winter, rain increase in the spring)
    -Resources to craft ammunition are much more scarce so players need to be more conservative when it comes to firing off rounds
    -Binoculars can now be found only as loot
    -There is no more weapon attachments throughout the world
    -Dynamic events now occur throughout the map such as: A military group passing through the area providing new weapons vehicles and supplies, friendly AI survivors to trade with, a helicopter crash with supplies at the crash site and even opportunities to hunt down a bounty (could be a player or AI)

Agree or disagree and leave some feedback. I will constantly change the list by either adding your ideas or by taking out ones that don’t quite fit. Thanks.


Did you read the first line? It clearly says: “These are all features for when it is the appropriate time to add them.” Also alpha is when it is time to make suggestions, we cant affect the game when it it finished.


The developers regularly read this forum. They ask for suggestions so i just want the community to have a voice and one place to make suggestions or complaints. But you have the right to your opinion, even if it is a dumb one.

oh, i’m really sorry for my posts then. i had no idea

No worries man! if you disagree with anything on the list or want to add something just let me know

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How about a workbench that increases crafting time but you cannot leave it when using it? Should i add it to the list?

We’re going towards smaller islands (8x8km instead of 16), but more than one island… eventually.

16x16km is a LOT for Unity to handle.

So would cars and horses be useless then?

They could be amphibic.

maybe small boats in place of cars as a way to get around? leaving cars only as a metal resource and a place for potential loot?

Well shit, as if surviving wasn’t hard enough :v:
The suggestions are nice, but I think that bandit AIs should be left out of this and health should stay regenerating at the rate it is now.

Alright now that i think about it i agree, anything to add or something else that you disagree with?

If all 6 slots are filled with whatever you have, you can still carry something else with your hands.

So effectively a seventh slot almost?

IRL if you had no space in your backpack but you really needed something, you just hold it in your hands. So yeah, basically 1 permanent spot to hold an item.

I’ll put it in right now! keep the ideas coming

Is there a single player mode?

I’m interested in the game, it looks like a ton of fun, but I don’t like the idea of some dickwraith wrecking my shit because he could.

Do you like the idea of playing a game with 0 chance of loss or a game with simply no challenge? It’s not exactly the best to have KoS but I’ve made myself quite a few friends simply by being as nice as I would be in real life to others in game.

Hey now, Rust looks like a fair bit of fun, and I’m a nice person in multiplayer settings, but I’ve had a lot of bad experiences in Minecraft, Dark Souls, AND Fable.

Also, what do you mean by KoS, I’m not familiar with the phrase.