Community Speaks Month I: Suggestions, Comments, Criticisms and more!


This is a thread I will be managing monthly. It is for suggestions, comments and criticisms to the game so if you would like to add or remove something from the list feel free to comment. Or if you just want to discuss the game thats fine too. If people agree upon any suggested ideas then it will be added and you will receive credit. I will update the list once a month based on any response and/or any progress made on the game. Here is the first month’s list:

*Before you get to the thread, I will be adding a poll to discuss a potentially controversial game mechanic that could be added, this week:*Third Person!

**I. The Game World **

-Add improved star systems at night for navigation. Specifically the north star, big dipper, and little dipper.
-Damaged cars can now be plundered for parts that can be repurposed and contains scrap metal, which can be smelted and reused
-Rivers and ponds are present throughout the map
-Seasons are now added (winter, summer, spring, fall) all with different weather patterns (snow increase in the winter, rain increase in the spring)
-Each season is a week, and is month is a year
-Binoculars can now be found only as loot
-Beaches are added
-A Cave system is added, loot can be found such as pickaxes, lights, etc.
-New ores can be found, such as Copper, Tin (to make bronze), Iron and Magnetite, a very rare ore (only in caves). This is to slow the progression of The Stone Age technology to modern day technology (stone age->copper->bronze age->iron age)

-More precious metals will be found in more dangerous/harder to reach areas such as caves, mountains, and radiation zones (perhaps an abandoned mining site)
-Supply drops include: medicine/healing supplies, crowbars, canned food, seeds for planting, modern devices, and survival supplies.
-Forests become denser with more plant life
-The weapon/tool “Rock” becomes the same item and the resource

II. Game Mechanics

-There are now two types are tress, large (current kind) and small trees, which can be torn down immediately (which you can gather branches from), larger ones require an axe
-Guns and heavy weapons (axes and sledgehammers) can damage and leave holes in structures, which can be repaired
-A farm system is added.

-You can write notes using paper and ink from berries
-Can can smelt/deconstruct items and get 50% of the materials back
-Many items can be thrown which sill stun enemies but deal little damage
-You can perform basic emotes such as “surrender”, “wave”, “point” etc. These will need to be very very easy and quick to access

-Your hot bar no longer acts as inventory space, only as quick access to items
-Gathering wood from trees requires you to cut the tree down, then used the logs you make a wood pile and then you can hack away at it as it is now (once enough trees have been cut down knew ones begin to grow in)
-Hatchets are less effective on rock and pickaxes are less effective when gathering wood
-Items fill up your inventory based on their size. For example, logs would take up two slots while paper would only take up one.
-Also, as stack size increases so will the amount of space that is taken up in your inventory.
-Un-canned and unpreserved food can eventually rotten unless kept in an icebox. Eating rotten food does fill up your hunger bar, but it deals damage.
-Things like hunger, thirst, comfort, health, etc. all have a symbol that will disappear and reappear depending on it’s state. The less cluttered the screen the more immersive the experience.
-Hot bar becomes more transparent and the background more visible
-Decay becomes much more visible, example:

III. Your Survivor:

-Character Customization allows you to change facial features, skin color along with gender, the list goes on.
-In the armor tab the slots for equipment include: Head, shoulders, hands, chest, back, belt, legs and feet.
-Your survivor can wear several different styles of war paint or none at all if you choose (might help with clans)
-A thirst meter is added
-Each Character spawns in with different default blueprints, you can teach other players while they are in a certain vicinity by double-clicking the recipe
-You cans randomly steal from player’s inventories without killing them, although a sound is made when stealing
-Outside of the game you can make an emblem which can appear on clothing and scratched into guns

*-You spawn with damaged clothing that offers very low protection
-You start with only 12 inventory slots
-If not equipped with fur clothing during the winter after a certain amount of time your character will begin to freeze and you will not regenerate health
-When you equip a backpack it will show up. Any weapons equipped will show up on your model making it clear whether you or an enemy is a threat.
-Nameplates are removed
-When eating or healing you go through an animation
-When jumping your survivor can grab onto ledges
-when crouching you open doors very quietly

**IV. Crafting: **

-You can now craft signs which can be attached to structures or stand
-Mines and bear traps (will kill animals and damage players) can now be crafted
-You can also laden grass with low grade fuel (another form of defense, or perhaps can be used otherwise)
-Noise traps are also added (cans hung by strings, maybe pieces of glass on the floor)
-Canteens can be crafted and filled with water
-Saddles can now be crafted
-Ghillie suits can now be crafted aiding you in hunting (same stats as cloth armor)
-Iceboxes can be crafted (made from metal, ice which is found during the winter, wood and grass)
-Safes can be crafted, same strength as a metal door
-You can craft a sledgehammer (used to damage structures and pick up misplaced items)
-A stone hammer can be crafted (used to pick up misplaced items as well, the sledgehammer does this quicker)
-You can now craft a canoe (can fit two players) along with fishing gear (fishing rod, lures, cages, etc.)
-A compass can be crafted using a rare type of ore found in caves (magnetite)
-Using basic herbs throughout the world, you can craft limited medicine (used to heal radiation/food poisoning)
-A simple electric generator can be crafted using magnets (derived from the rare ore)
-a spyglass can be crafted
-By melting sand you can create low quality glass

-The UI is improved to improve immersion:

-There are multiple kinds of backpacks you can craft (varying in size and perhaps function)
-The more complex the gun, the more parts that are needed to craft it
-Storage boxes can be equipped with traps, for example explosives can be attached so when it is opened the bomb goes off potentially killing the invader but also putting your items at risk
-C4 is replaced with scrap metal bombs
-Kevlar is replaced with scrap metal armor
-Homemade attachments replace the modern ones
-You now need higher level workbenches to gain access to higher tier technology, first bench gives you access to all stone age items, second to all bronze age items, and third to all iron age items. This is a requires progression.

V. Building

-Wooden tipis can now be crafted out of branches (intended as a temporary shelter)
-You can now craft a makeshift windmill, lights, ovens and shock traps
-These require a battery (loot item or found in supply drops)
-Stone is added as a building material
-You can craft boards, which can be nailed to doors/windows as a form of defense
-Ladders can now be crafted
-Sulfur concrete is added as a building material
-With leaves and branches you can create camouflage to help conceal you base (works one wall at a time)
-Metal and wood Corbel Beams (to extend out horizontally without needing foundations to support it, useful for patios/outlooks)
-Very short walls are added. Can be used as railings, fences, cover, etc.


  • When placing an object (such as a barricade or foundation) it goes through a construction timer, there are 3 intervals of this timer which will be visually represented
    -When an object is being constructed you move slowly and cannot venture away from the build site
    -Each building material has a height limit. Stone has the lowest, then wood, then metal.
    -You can now place walls diagonally across foundations

VI. Weapons and Combat


Melee combat becomes more skill-based as there are new additions that skill players will use and use well such as:
-Side steps that are essentially dodges to avoid incoming attacks

  • Overhand and quick attacks, overhand attacks will be slower but deal much more damage although you expose yourself in the process
    -You can now kick your enemies, which will essentially push them back and stun your enemies (if you have a gun equipped this is replaces by a gun bash)
    -Melee weapons can also be thrown (can be retrieved as well)

-Wooden/metal shields are added
-Machetes are added, can cut grass, and be used as a weapon
-A spear can now be crafted (good for hunting and very cost-effective)
-A makeshift smg is added (fires in burst and has high recoil)
-You have primary and secondary weapon slots (hotbar 1 and 2), if you want to switch to another gun you have to go through a short timer (prevents easy access to a massive arsenal of weapons)
-Axes can be crafted, can be used in combat and to cut down trees
-A slingshot can be crafted (stones as ammunition)


A new system to create makeshift guns is added:
-To assemble a gun you have to craft all the parts such as: barrel, attachment, sights, firing method, stock, etc.
-Two different types of weapons can be made: primary and secondary
-There is now a cover system allowing you to move while in cover and fire off rounds without exposing much of yourself

  • When placing an object (such as a barricade or foundation) it goes through a construction timer, there are 3 intervals of this timer which will be visually represented
    -When an object is being constructed you move slowly and cannot venture away from the build site
    -Modern weapons are removed as craft-able items

*VII. Hunting and Wildlife: **
-Horses can now be found, they are fairly rare and need to be broken (tamed) and have a saddle equipped in order to be ridden
-Horses can be tied to a structure or tree and can be fed in order to regain health
-Birds can now be found, they react to your movements and fly off in reaction to gunfire
-Rams/Mountain goats can be found in the mountains (wool can be gathered, a quick way to get clothes)
-Fur can be gathered from certain animals, this can be combined with any armor to make a fur version, provides protection during winter
-A hunting knife can be crafted that allows you to skin faster (similar tool to the pickaxe or the hatchet) and also allowing you to collect fur which is used to make fur clothing
-You can now go fishing in the waters surrounding the island, although if you go to far out, the larger waves will rip your boat apart

-If the animal is killed by the bow and arrow or the spear more items will be skinned and collected due to the cleanness of the kill
-Animals become more vigilante, they will often stop to feed or drink, and players will have to sneak up behind them in order to not alert them
-Animals drop more items such as bones, teeth, and fur
-Animals interact with each other, if a bear is chasing you wolves will stay away, wolves can be found hunting pigs, and bears can be found fighting each other over territory
-Predators will target whoever is dealing the most damage/the biggest threat

Agree or disagree and leave some feedback. I will constantly change the list by either adding your ideas or by taking out ones that don’t quite fit. You relieve receive credit for your contributions. Thanks.

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What do you think? let me know.

Nice to see you bringing this back again, but it should probably go in the rust suggestions subforum. Might want to PM postal about moving the thread, just in case.

I am trying to expand it a little bit, make it a thread for more than just suggestions. But yeah, I felt the sudden urge to revive it. Hope it gets the same support it used to!

Fair enough, it is a general thread technically, but may want to PM him just in case.

May not be a bad idea, thanks man! Let me know if you have any ideas, ah this is bringing me back

Well I have nothing really to add currently, other than that idea about having no HUD at all, along with a very light GUI or a fully-immersive GUI that is still a WIP (with a link to my thread in the suggestions subforum.)

leave a link here with a brief summary! Might help catch one of the devs’ eyes

Alright, thread is here. Basic idea is to completely remove the HUD of health and hunger, etc. And give audio and visual cues instead, to add to the immersive experience for the players.

I applaud you for putting so much effort into this. Here’s something I’ve always wanted in the game:

Wild plants that provide some kind of food

I’ve always felt like the game should have them. Easy to obtain and plentiful, but offering less food value than meats. This would help in situations where you spawn in an area with no animals, or allow you to live in more remote areas at the expense of having to harvest more to stay alive. Of course the seasons would then play into this, creating more variety. Maybe we could also have poisonous plants of varying degrees, maybe with an intuitive visual representation, and of course some trial and error would be involved when first encountering them.

I know the “hardcore” element will say no, it would make the game too easy. Understandable, but something like wild plants providing food is totally within the realm of realism and such a fundamental element of wilderness survival, I think it should be in the game. As I said, you can balance it by things like keeping the food value well below meats, seasonal changes, or possibly other factors.

Plus, it will allow people to roleplay as a vegetarian :).

This is a great suggestion, in fact I had it in the list! The only reason I took it out was because the devs have already made models for berries, pretty much confirming their addition in the future, although this was fairly long ago, and if it is not included in the next big update, i may put it back in the list. But yes, this would be a great addition! I just try to avoid listing suggestions that are already on the devs radar

I know its controversal, but there is support for adding the ability to become a cannibal. It would add a whole new dynamic to the game. Especially if they could be identified as such. The thread has some discussion what effects good/bad eating human meat would have, if any.

I made some stand in objects on the playrust submission. My only unique offering was the addition of a finger bone necklace identify the cannibals. You can find links to them in thread.

Although controversial, I think it would be an interesting mechanic. Also it shouldn’t be so simple as killing a person and eating them if it were to be implemented. Bone necklaces are just another form of " the bandit skin" and Garry has proven to be against anything like that. Although more personal consequences would be a good option. Eating another human is a big deal. Perhaps you have a high a chance of throwing the meat up, and that chance does down if you are about to die. Just the idea that mentally it might drive a person crazy, but maybe in the right circumstances, they might be willing to do it.

Wow all theses ideas are really exciting ! Also i voted FPS only.

About canibalism I think it could really benefit to the game experience if well implemented.
Maybe it can trigger a “sanity decreasing” such as in Amnesia games, that last for a fews in-game days, or entire seasons, depending of the quantity and if it was cooked or not.

insanity effects ideas :

  • Camera distorsion. (Amnesia style!)
  • visual and audio Hallucinations (Slenderman style!)

Maybe those effects are very strong the first time, then decrease as you get more and more used to it…
However it should not be an “easy” way, but just “another path” the player might choose as … a personnal choice, rather than because it grant you a certain advantage over other players.

It could be interesting in a scenario where after a harsh winter or other natural disaster, every animals dies or get very very rares…

I like the idea of sanity, although I feel like it would be hard to make it a mechanic that doesn’t become a major annoyance. Especially if they have these long term effects, but i love the idea of it, and it could apply to other things besides just cannibalism. Although I am still leaning towards an immediate consequence, like throwing it up or getting sick due to the craziness of it.

As a suggestion for the research system, it could be done in various stages of technology which would be unlocked by a particular type of workbench.

Same as it is now where you start with a rock in your hand, but the only resources you’d be able to gather with it yourself would be stone and wood.

Considering the design of the current workbench: made exclusively of wood with tools on display like stone hatchets, bows and a rock - the way it looks would be an indication of what it allows you to craft, which would be items built with stone and wood. Some of the items you can craft with this workbench would be tools that allow you to gather the next tier of resources, being something like bronze and iron ore.

However to craft the third tier of items, you’d have a build a “bronze/iron” -workbench, as well as a furnace. Before you could craft it you’d have to amass a good amount of the resources you can now gather with those stone tools. These workbenches will be increasingly expensive in proportion to how useful the items are that they allow you to craft and you would be required to progress slowly in each stage before you can actually get to the point where you’re carrying modern weaponry.

As a side note these workbenches would have to have been built by the person using it in order to craft its items on that workbench. So if you’re bringing a new player in to your group you’d have to have the resources to let that person build their own “gunpowder/metallurgy” workbench before they can build modern guns using one of those workbenches, for example.

Hopefully this makes sense.

I had the same though process. Within the list i mentioned a “Three age system”. This means you begin in the “stone age”, make the workbench, progress to the “bronze age” (starting with copper first), craft the workbench, and then you arrive at the “iron age”.

I have an idea that would make it feasible to have those “technological ages” you mentioned!

Shortly: Books.
Let me explain.

When you first start, the basic items you can craft would be the same a good survivalist could (imagine everyone is Bear Grylls). That means a campfire, an improvised sleeping bag, maybe a tent (replacing the wooden shack), stone tools and maybe an improvised bow (should probably also add wooden spears and similar items).
Also, you can not immediately craft wooden houses (foundation, pillar, walls…) using rocks. This is, after all, very inaccurate. Maybe it would be possible to create a structure similar to the wooden shacks, but with an even more improvised look, and that cannot hold metal doors.

Then, as you loot and wander through cities, you eventually find random books. The first useful books could be “A guide on Carpentry”, and “DIY metal tools and weapons”.
In possession of these books, and near a workbench, you would see new items in your “craft” tab, meaning the wooden house parts we know today, hand cannon and pipe shotgun (…). After you crafted each of these items once, they would forever be part of your crafting list. That means you have learned to craft them through written instructions and the experience of making it, replacing the need for blueprints.
Then, you could give the book to a friend, keep it or destroy it.

More tools (hammer, saw) or parts (screws, cogs…) and an advanced workbench should also be added this way and required to have in your inventory to craft modern items,thus advancing you technologically through the wisdom contained in books. This is, after all, how we got this far: tutorship and written, immortalized wisdom.

This would create a neat transition from spawning with a rock in your hands to crafting backpack-sized wooden skyscrapers and makeshift revolvers near a plank table with stone tools (current workbench) after hitting woodpiles and human-sized rocks, with your rock.


Some higher-tech items, such as P250, shotgun, grenades etc, if not removed entirely from the game, could be craftable only while you have the appropriate book in your inventory, and not learned forever while reading a single-page blueprint in the dark. This also seems more reasonable. As a side effect, would mean that if you got raided, your higher-tier books could potentially be stolen, and you would not be able to immediately craft an military-grade arsenal without any instructions.

What do you guys think?

This is actually an interesting idea instead of BPs. Particularly the part where you can’t craft high tier things without a reference. Chances are most people wouldn’t be able to glance at a blueprint and then forever remember how to craft and assemble a rifle from scratch.

I agree, the non-player buildings in the game should have a purpose besides just loot spots. They could contain this knowledge in the form of books but perhaps also special equipment that cannot be made by the player. Perhaps equipment to craft guns for example.

I don’t know if this has been mentioned before, or if it’s something they are working on with the procedural map system, but what do you think of a more “natural” ressources spawn location ?

ie : Woods on trees, rocks you can take near rivers or beaches, bigger rocks and ore (that need extracting) near mountains or waterfalls.

plants and fauna depending on altitude, and environements :
komodo dragon, crabs, etc… near beaches,
deer, bears, etc… in forest,

Things that will require players to move to different “logical” location to find what they need.
And move their camp as they needs/tech evolve.

Also theses area can feature more dangerous wildlife depending on the climat and available/rarest ressources.

Beaches : easy, the climat is easy, but there’s not much things
forest, riverside : friendly, some bears and wolves can cross your path
Deep forest : snakes, killer bees, giant boars, be careful.
Canyon, moutains : not much animal there (rare food), lot of minerals, but heat conditions is your worst enemy in theses dry places.

Ocean, desert : again it will put your resistance to extreme condition (heat/cold/no-food) to the test.