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Yes there is, quite a bit. Plus they’ll post more here and Garry may post more on his blog.

Also this forum section sometimes gets stuff (like from MaxOfS2D) for instance:

Check YT for unisky and unistorm looks like a promising base to start with

Thanks Daniel Munoz, RogueNerdy and jackool.

i have no idea why but i need an answer because my character moves on its on and i have no control some times is this a bug or am i already hacked because i just got the game and also my items sometimes disappear and wont come back

Customization has been a big deal with me for any sort of game. I think a ghillie suit would be a good addition, being able to make it with leaves from trees, or something.

Player customization has really, always been huge with me. APB Reloaded has a good customization option, if I can use that as a comparison.

  • Oh, and that if you shoot your gun and reload before the ammo is spent, it’ll waste the rest of the ammo. I’ve always liked that ability.

Automated Turrets. Very difficult to obtain due to the high resources to create. These automated turrets can only fire in a small line of sight directly in front of them. This will also give a good purpose to the grenades to destroy turrets from a distance by throwing grenades down a hallway or into a room. Owner of the turret may deconstruct, but takes time to do so and can’t do anything else but take it apart while doing it. Also, turret will act as a ‘container’ in order to hold ammo. User must replenish ammunition. Turret ammo and regular ammo is different and is more expensive to make.

M-33 / M18A1 Claymore Mines. Triggered by movement directly in front of the mine. Set up fake pathways and entrances to your house/base. Stranger who doesn’t know his way around and shouldn’t be poking his nose where it doesn’t belong… boom.

Just some ideas.

Agrees fully on customization and individuality,
making your outfit and style unique.
Top requested things from most games is guild housing and customization.
And so far every one done it poorly.

I dont agree on waste ammo if you reload,
does not happen in real life, so why implement it at all.

If you fire five bullets out of a 9 bullet clip, and reload, ( scratch that, people wouldn’t reload with 5 bullets left regardless. ) you normally don’t keep the clip in a place where you’d reload with it again. ( In fact, wouldn’t you just drop the empty clip in a fire fight? )

I say this because of people who would say, fire one shot out of an M4A1, then reload, do the same thing over and over. Hopefully you understand what I mean.

I see you what you mean, or maybe you should have to load your magazine? because i doubt you would have multiple magazines. Or maybe you should craft them? But then again the game shouldnt have to be on that level of realism although it would add depth

On the subject of npc besides the infected rad animals and enviroment,
why not go native on the first islands (continuing on the premis that we have evolution style islands)
where you have to compete and survive against maori warriors.
And as you progress trough the islands ending up in rogue military factions.

Reason I brought it up, cant recall any game that tok this culture for a spin.
No matter what form or shape, think we need more prebuilt and npc that we
can gather around and fight against, to promote grouping and focus on an enemy
rather only on our selfs.

If they ever did a single player i feel like this would be a good idea

As the plane drop, an extra enemy in random events that is hardcore difficult with out coordinated defense and numbers is a good way to keep players on there toes.
This besides enviroment & wild life etc

Had a look through your list; most of these are already planned :slight_smile:

Thats amazing to hear!!! Would you mind naming a few just so i could streamline the list? if not i understand your a busy man

I had this idea in a thread a couple weeks ago, when I had started out playing:

Basically, dynamic maps would be implemented. What you would need for the said map is charcoal, and paper.

The beginning would obviously be you crafting a “Blank Map”. This would require just a couple sheets of paper. From there, you would need the charcoal to “update” this map as you explore the world/map of Rust.

Once you craft your map, as long as you have the “Blank Map”, and Charcoal on you, you will be able to update this map while walking around the world.

Now expanding on this idea, someone had suggest that the charcoal can “run out” or be used-up. Which would also be a good idea.

Also, I had the idea, that when killed, if you’re holding (let’s say a half-filled in map), the person can pick up your map, and it will have the progress you had made on it.

It’s also a pretty much given, that upon death this map will be lost.

good idea, but what would be the point of these maps?

As of now, I find that the game lacks major land marks (if you will). So, when me and friends are looking for each other, I always find it very difficult to find my friends, or people I’m trying to meet up with. With a map, you could clearly see the road-ways, as well as any and all buildings/structures, while in-game.

I understand there is a map of the area on Google Maps, but this does not include player made structures. If these dynamic maps were to contain also player-made buildings, it would be that much easier to announce where, and what you are near on your map.

That being said, and me thinking about it, it would also be cool to somehow implement maybe a coordinate/GPS sort of device. This would obviously cost A LOT of materials, but then again, it would all be for the luxury of finding/meeting up with people easier.

I had this neat idea about a neat way to identify bandits etc. and a player’s playstyle.

typed this before I read around and saw slightly similar statements

Just an idea, Could there be 2 islands? A large one with a cove surrounding most of a smaller one. The smaller island has trees, rocks, chickens(1-2 breasts only), and wolves. No woodfalls or anything that gives large amount of anything. That would be on the large island with everything else. The small island is a nopvp spawn area allowing new spawns a chance to get some food, materials, and basic items.
blueprints found on small island (probably near wolf dens):
bow and arrow
zip gun(large and small bore)
ammo blueprints(pistol/shotgun)
all other blueprints would be found on main island
Eventually they build a boat to cross the water to the large island where all the better blueprints and resources are. It would allow new players a safe place to get familiar with the game and it would be funny watching em chase chickens.
If someone dies on the large island, they spawn on the small, unless they have a sleeping bag of course. But all the better items take more and rarer resources (ie leather from bears and plastic for kevlar) which can only be found on the larger island prompting him to get back to the other island instead of trying to compete with all the other nekkid guys on the small island. He at least has a headstart cause he retains what he’s learned.
For those that want an end game, you could maybe have a bridge swarming with dangerous mobs you fight through to cross and see end credits and short cutscene like seeing a line of soldiers where an officer shakes his hand and says ‘you’re human, We didn’t think anyone was alive out there’ and camera pans back to show civilization behind them as credits roll.

For an alpha game, this is absolutely amazing, wouldn’t have expected it so good. The most necessary thing that could be implemented to notch this up a gear? Friends being able to use your doors. Even if it’s just a quick-fix gimmick before you implement a ‘real’ way of this happening. For example, something like if when the door is open someone press’s E on a door, you then get a key which lets you in thereon?

Also, i’ve noticed the shooting is purely client side, this creates a big issue if someone has a huge ping. Maybe if you have a huge ping, you can’t shoot or something, and if it persists you get kicked?