Community Speaks: Week 1


This is a thread I will be managing weekly. It is for suggestions to the game so if you would like to add or remove something from the list feel free to comment. If people agree then it will happen and you will receive credit. I will update the list on Saturdays based on any response. Here is week one’s list:

Before you get to the thread, I will be adding a poll to discuss a potentially controversial game mechanic that could be added, this week: Rust’s Story

I. Game Mechanics
-Your hot bar no longer acts as inventory space but rather as quick access to items
-Armor and tools now have a durability meter which is not visible that slowly is depleted to the point where the item breaks, the state of you tool or armor is visually represented (cracks, holes, tears, etc.)
-Gathering wood from trees is a longer process but pays off much more: First you must cut the tree down. Then you must cut up the fallen trunk into smaller sections. Once you have cut the trunk the logs can be collected. Branches can also be collected as well.
-Small trees can be cut down from the start (which you can gather branches from) while larger ones require an axe to be cut down
-Trees that have been cut down remain as a stump and will eventually grow back again.
-Structures become more vulnerable, they are destructible on a greater lever (think Battlefield) and can be damaged by guns and heavy weapons (axes and sledgehammers)
-Hatchets are less effective on rock and pickaxes are less effective when gathering wood
-Walls, barricades and doors can only be severely damaged not completely destroyed and can be repaired.
-Construction materials can only hold up a certain amount of weight making it only possible to build massive forts with the weight being distributed among metal structures
-Items fill up your inventory based on their size. For example, logs would take up two slots while paper would only take up one.
-Also, as stack size increases so will the amount of space that is taken up in your inventory.

  • When placing an object (such as a barricade or foundation) it goes through a construction timer, at certain intervals of this timer there will be a visual representation of the objects progress, essentially 3 stages of development.
    -When an object is being constructed you move slowly and cannot venture away from the build site
    -Place-able torches or lanterns
    -Using planks you can barricade your house (doors and windows), this is just some last minute security before logging off and is one more obstacle between raiders and your stuff
    -Un-canned and unpreserved food can eventually rotten unless kept in an icebox. Eating rotten food does fill up your hunger bar, but it deals damage.

II. Your Survivor:
-Character Customization allows you to change facial features and skin color along with gender and the list goes on.
-You spawn with damaged clothing that offers very low protection
-You start with only 12 inventory slots, your items are based off clothes and bags. Each has a certain amount of inventory space that adds up to your total inventory.
-In the armor tab a bag slot is added (which you can use to increase your inventory)
-Your survivor can wear several different styles of tribal face paint or none at all if you choose (might help with clans) picked from dozens of options
-If not equipped with fur clothing during the winter after a certain amount of time your character will begin to freeze and you will not regenerate health
-Ability to go prone
-You now need to drink in order to fill a thirst meter
-Your items appear on your survivor. When you craft a backpack it will show up. When you craft a bigger on that will show up. Any weapons equipped will show up on your model making it appear whether you or an enemy is a threat. (the only items you will be able to see is equipped weapons their backpack and of course armor)
-Your survivor can only carry up to a certain weight limit (this system will obviously not be very realistic, but is better than how it works now)
-Your survivor’s hair and facial hair will grow over time. You can shave it if you decide to. This might distinguish old players from new ones in a subtle way
-Nameplates are removed
-When eating you go through an animation, same when healing
-Weapons all not have varying weapon sways added to them
-When crouched or in prone weapon sway is decreased and accuracy increased
III. Crafting: **
-The items you can initially craft are very limited. You will gain the ability to craft more items as you create the tools necessary. Each tools is linked with more items and certain items require multiple tools to craft
-Tools include: Hammer, screwdriver, saw, etc.
-Each tool you craft is added to your workbench and it will become more advanced and change in appearance as the tools you have increase
-You can now craft signs which can be attached to structures or stand alone
-Mines and bear traps (will kill animals and damage players) can now be crafted
-A backpack can now be crafted in order to gain more inventory space.
-Your backpack can be upgraded to increase your inventory as well.
-Guns and ammunition are much harder to craft but also come with more power: By using the furnace you create individual parts of a weapon. Such as the stock or barrel, you then have to refine these parts and polish them using certain tools. Then you can assemble the weapon into the final product.
-The more complex and powerful the weapon, the more parts that are needed
-Walls damaged by gunfire can be repaired
-Canteens can be crafted and filled with water
-Gates can now be crafted and function very similarly to doors except are much larger allowing horses to pass through (horses are mentioned later)
-Saddles can now be crafted (purpose is self-explanatory)
-Ghillie suits can now be crafted aiding you in hunting and making it harder for players to see you (same stats as cloth armor)
-A new building material you can craft is sulfur concrete, this material is much stronger than wood but is also much stronger
-Wooden tipis can now be crafted out of branches (comes from smaller trees, intended as a temporary shelter until you can chop trees down)
-Storage boxes can be equipped with traps, for example explosives can be attached so when it is opened the bomb goes off potentially killing the invader but also putting your items at risk
-False floorboards can be put in foundations for limited storage
-Wooden fences, can be potentially have spikes attached
-Iceboxes can be crafted (ice can be found during the winter and is made from metal, wood and grass, for insulation)
-Safes can be crafted, same strength as a metal door for those important items
-You can craft a sledgehammer, this is mainly used to destroy structures but use up a lot of calories
-You can craft a makeshift windmill which when attached to a car batter (loot item) can produce small amounts of electricity. This can be used for lighting, quick smelting or cooking, or even a one-time use electricity trap that will need to be recharged after every use

IV. Weapons and Combat
-Guns now can jam causing the player to go through an animation, which will in turn un-jam the weapon (this can only happen when reloading so you wont die because your gun jammed in the middle of a fire fight)

*A new system to create makeshift guns is added. *
-To assemble a gun you have to craft all the parts to fill certain slots such as: barrel, under barrel, attachment, sight, firing method, stock, etc.
(some necessary some not)
-Two different types of guns can be made: primary and secondary
-Each slot has several options, each with its own pluses and minuses
-Each part has different stats, which includes: damage, accuracy, mobility, weight, bullet velocity, etc.
-When it is assembled you have your own personal gun that fits your play style
-The amount of parts you can craft can be expanded upon (mainly from researching modern weapons if they remain in the game)
-There is now a cover system allowing you to move while in cover and fire off rounds without exposing much of yourself

Melee combat becomes more skill-based as there are new additions that skill players will use and use well such as:
-Side steps that are essentially dodges to avoid incoming attacks

  • Overhand and quick attacks, overhand attacks will be slower but deal much more damage although you expose yourself in the process
    -You can now kick your enemies, which will essentially push them back and stun your enemies (if you have a gun equipped this is replaces by a gun bash)
    -Melee weapons can also be thrown (can be retrieved as well)

-A spear can now be crafted (good for hunting and very cost-effective)
-A makeshift riot shield can now be crafted used only as a form of defense (though you can shield bash). It can either be crafted from low quality metal or from a rusted out car door.
-Guns deal much more damage
-Weapons are classified as primary or secondary weapons
-You have primary and secondary weapon slots, making it so you cannot be a one man army with twenty guns at your disposal and if you want to switch to another gun you have to sit though a timer (similar to the crafting timer)
-Modern weapons are removed as craft-able items
-Axes can be crafted, can be used in combat but are mainly used for cutting down trees

**V. Hunting wildlife and enemies: **
-If the animal is killed by the bow and arrow or the spear more items will be skinned and collected due to the cleanness of the kill
-Horses can now be found although they are fairly rare and need to be broken (tamed) and have a saddle equipped in order to be ridden
-Horses can be tied to a structure or tree and can be fed in order to regain health
-Birds can now be found, they react to your movements and fly off in reaction to gunfire
-Fur can be gathered from certain animals, this can be used to make fur clothing, good for the winter time
-Mutants essentially replace zombies in radiation zones
-A hunting knife can be crafted that allows you to skin faster (similar tool to the pickaxe or the hatchet) and also allowing you to collect fur which is used to make fur clothing
-Animals drop more items such as bones, teeth, and fur
-From these items you can craft bone necklaces and jewelry

**VI. The Game World **
-Berry bushes are a new source of food
-Damaged cars can now be plundered for parts that can be repurposed or simply scrap metal can be smelted and used
-Rivers and ponds are present throughout the map
-Rocks (metal and sulfur ore) can be found in caves the sides of mountains and rock formations and rather than the whole boulder disappearing after it has be gathered from only the ore from the rock will disappear
-The visible ore will regenerate like the boulders do now
-Seasons are now added (winter, summer, spring, fall) all with different weather patterns (snow increase in the winter, rain increase in the spring)
-Each season is a week and is month is a year
-Resources to craft ammunition are much more scarce so players need to be more conservative when it comes to firing off rounds
-Binoculars can now be found only as loot, when you use them and pan over a player their name shows up
-There is no more weapon attachments throughout the world
-Beaches are added
-A boat will drop crates near the island every few days, which will eventually float to shore. A loud horn goes off when it goes by and the area changes every time.
-Supply drops include: medicine/healing supplies, canned food, seeds for planting, and basic survival supplies.

****Agree or disagree and leave some feedback. I will constantly change the list by either adding your ideas or by taking out ones that don’t quite fit. Thanks.

Also credit to jonnymad some of these ideas were his and I would like to give him credit for his contributions to this thread.

I. Game Mechanics

-I like the idea of “deconstruction” or “siege” weapons/tools like a sledge, however I believe you used to be able to destroy walls with arrows (maybe guns too) but I feel like that wouldn’t be good for the game. Anyone can craft a million bullets and just rain fire down on a base - I think that’s the point of C4, to make it more difficult to invade a home.
-Now that I’ve reread the next bullet, whoops. You’re essentially saying you could weaken/damage walls beforehand, then use less C4 to blow them? Not bad.
-Love the idea of construction phases… mostly just cause it would look cool.
-Flares are pretty bogus imo but they make some sense too. If a lantern came about that would be cool. Some metal, some low grade fuel, voilà! (Only placeable inside a base?)
-Easily destructible via hatchet but time consuming? I like this too!

II. Your Survivor:

-I just prefer spawning naked
-Preferably just bags add to inventory, ‘realism’ can only go so far in a game and I think clothing storage would just overcomplicate
-Adding a ‘Freezing’ attribute might be better, like if you’re cold for too long you become freezing
-Seems so insignificant, personally not a fan

**III. Crafting: **

-Again I feel like this would be overcomplicating. I like the idea of it, just not the idea itself. Too much busywork and whatnot.

-Overcomplicating as well imo

-Huh? Like stones + sulfur = concrete which would be like Metal > Concrete > Wood?

-Like it.
-Like it, too.
-Like it three! Maybe burns 20 calories a swing instead of 10?

IV. Weapons and Combat

-Perhaps there could be a quality/tier for guns. After producing a gun you can find a unique ‘blueprint’ or ‘draft’ to upgrade a gun by a single tier, one-use, possibly gun specific.
-Overcomplicated. I know I’m saying that a lot but I’m just voicing an opinion, which is all it is.
-I already own Chivalry :confused: I think maybe combos based on timing might be cool, but other than that idk.
-Only if I can throw it! :slight_smile:
-Personally not a fan, but I may be in the minority here
-I like this idea as well, for a bit of balance. I don’t know about a timer, but at least manually switching your Primary/Secondary/Melee slots in the inventory so you’re vulnerable in combat
-Agreed, popular opinion seems to be for them to be airdrop/loot
-Hatchets called they want their job back…

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V. Hunting, Wildlife, Enemies

-Add hatchet to the list, imo
-Neat idea, mostly cosmetic but I guess you could get feathers from them
-Craft Leather + Cloth = Fur imo. Simpler.
-I like it. New melee item, fast attack, low damage, maybe bonus damage on backstabs?

**VI. The Game World **

-Dig it. Then I can be a true hunter/gatherer.
-Neat idea. Potentially adds a little protection to bases.
-Really like this idea, just cause I’m nosy & paranoid.
-The plane called, it wants its job back.

You should add to the combat list;

Add an option in settings to select either ‘Click and Hold for ADS’ or ‘Click to ADS’ (Aim down Sights)

Surely they can’t force everyone to use Click and Hold, it’s literally game breaking for me at this point. Have used Click to ADS for 15 or so years, it’s literally impossible to adjust to.

Staying naked, please.

Toggle aiming (Click to) involves more keystrokes though! Personally I hate it, but I agree it should be an option and I’m almost positive it will be eventually. People want it.

When they fix the framerates for everyone, they should make it so you cant disable grass… I like hiding in the grass to hunt someone, but what’s the point if everyone triggers it off? It’s an advantage over people, so I turn it off too…

It’s really nice, looks freaking awesome, but if you can turn it off it’s just awful :expressionless:

Adding a left-click on the bow to unmount arrow

I’d imagine grass displacement is being implemented for this reason. To keep grass with the ability to see loot but not players lurking in it.

How would you guys feel about Rust having a story behind it? No campaign or anything just some reason behind it all and maybe you can find notes or documents that will reveal a little about the world, and maybe some explanation for how you got to this island.

Also, thanks for all the suggestions! keep em coming

Thanks for the credit, again! Might want to keep this as it’s own thread rather than a series though, just in case. Just update the thread as ideas are added.

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I also had this idea for crates: Everyone wants lockable crates, but here’s what I think: I think that the wooden crate should be a standalone storage, easy to open and take everything. As an alternative, there should be a learnable, craftable metal crate that is MUCH more durable, and has the option to craft a lock (separately) to put on it.