Community Speaks: Week 2


This is a thread I will be managing weekly. It is for suggestions to the game so if you would like to add or remove something from the list feel free to comment. If people agree then it will happen and you will receive credit. I will update the list on Saturdays based on any response. Here is week one’s list:

Before you get to the thread, I will be adding a poll to discuss a potentially controversial game mechanic that could be added, this week: Rust’s Feel

I. Game Mechanics
-Your hot bar no longer acts as inventory space, only as quick access to items
-To gather wood from trees you much first cut the tree down. Then you must cut up the fallen trunk into 3 sections. Once you have cut the trunk the logs can be collected. Branches will also be collected
-Small trees can be torn down immediately (which you can gather branches from), larger ones require an axe
-Trees that have been cut down remain as a stump and will eventually grow back again.
-Guns and heavy weapons (axes and sledgehammers) can damage and leave holes in structures, which can be repaired
-Hatchets are less effective on rock and pickaxes are less effective when gathering wood
-Each building material has a height limit. Wood has the lowest, then stone, then metal.
-Items fill up your inventory based on their size. For example, logs would take up two slots while paper would only take up one.
-Also, as stack size increases so will the amount of space that is taken up in your inventory.
-Place-able torches
-Un-canned and unpreserved food can eventually rotten unless kept in an icebox. Eating rotten food does fill up your hunger bar, but it deals damage.
-Things like hunger, thirst, comfort, health, etc. all have a symbol that will disappear and reappear depending on it’s state. The less cluttered the screen the more immersive the experience.
-Hot bar becomes more transparent and the background more visible
-Chat is no longer accessible right away; you need to gain access to a HAM radio that are common in supply drops

II. Your Survivor:
-Character Customization allows you to change facial features, skin color along with gender, the list goes on.
-You spawn with damaged clothing that offers very low protection
-You start with only 12 inventory slots
-In the armor tab a bag slot is added
-A primary and secondary weapon slot is added to your inventory
-Your survivor can wear several different styles of war paint or none at all if you choose (might help with clans)
-If not equipped with fur clothing during the winter after a certain amount of time your character will begin to freeze and you will not regenerate health
-Ability to go prone
-A thirst meter is added
-When you equip a backpack it will show up. Any weapons equipped will show up on your model making it clear whether you or an enemy is a threat.
-Nameplates are removed
-When eating or healing you go through an animation
-Full-body awareness is added
-When jumping your survivor can grab onto ledges
-A skill system is added, there are 10 categories (ex. Gunman, crafter, cook, etc.) You progress through the ten bars in each by doing the action. Every time you die you lose a bar in each category.
-You cans steal from player’s inventories without killing them, although a sound is made when stealing

**III. Crafting: **
-You can now craft signs which can be attached to structures or stand
-Mines and bear traps (will kill animals and damage players) can now be crafted
-Your bag can be upgraded three times, from small to medium, then to large
-The more complex the gun, the more parts that are needed
-Canteens can be crafted and filled with water
-Saddles can now be crafted
-Ghillie suits can now be crafted aiding you in hunting (same stats as cloth armor)
-Storage boxes can be equipped with traps, for example explosives can be attached so when it is opened the bomb goes off potentially killing the invader but also putting your items at risk
-Iceboxes can be crafted (made from metal, ice which is found during the winter, wood and grass)
-Safes can be crafted, same strength as a metal door
-You can craft a sledgehammer (used to destroy structures but uses up a lot of calories)
-You can now craft a canoe (can fit two players) along with fishing gear (fishing rod, lures, cages, etc.)
-C4 is replaced with scrap metal bombs
-Kevlar is replaced with scrap metal armor

IV. Building
-Wooden tipis can now be crafted out of branches (intended as a temporary shelter)
-You can now craft a makeshift windmill, lights, ovens and shock traps
-These require a battery (loot item or found in supply drops)
-Stone is added as a building material
-You can craft boards, which can be nailed to doors/windows as a form of defense
-Window shutters are added
-Ladders can now be crafted

  • When placing an object (such as a barricade or foundation) it goes through a construction timer, there are 3 intervals of this timer which will be visually represented
    -When an object is being constructed you move slowly and cannot venture away from the build site
    -Log piles are removed as a wood source

V. Weapons and Combat

*A new system to create makeshift guns is added: *
-To assemble a gun you have to craft all the parts such as: barrel, attachment, sights, firing method, stock, etc.
-Two different types of weapons can be made: primary and secondary
-There is now a cover system allowing you to move while in cover and fire off rounds without exposing much of yourself

Melee combat becomes more skill-based as there are new additions that skill players will use and use well such as:
-Side steps that are essentially dodges to avoid incoming attacks

  • Overhand and quick attacks, overhand attacks will be slower but deal much more damage although you expose yourself in the process
    -You can now kick your enemies, which will essentially push them back and stun your enemies (if you have a gun equipped this is replaces by a gun bash)
    -Melee weapons can also be thrown (can be retrieved as well)

-A spear can now be crafted (good for hunting and very cost-effective)
-A makeshift riot shield can now be crafted used only as a form of defense (though you can shield bash).
-You have primary and secondary weapon slots, making it so you cannot be a one man army with twenty guns at your disposal and if you want to switch to another gun you have to go through a short timer
-Modern weapons are removed as craft-able items
-Axes can be crafted, can be used in combat and to cut down trees

**VI. Hunting wildlife and enemies: **
-If the animal is killed by the bow and arrow or the spear more items will be skinned and collected due to the cleanness of the kill
-Animals become more vigilante, they will often stop to feed or drink, and players will have to sneak up behind them in order to not alert them
-Horses can now be found, they are fairly rare and need to be broken (tamed) and have a saddle equipped in order to be ridden
-Horses can be tied to a structure or tree and can be fed in order to regain health
-Birds can now be found, they react to your movements and fly off in reaction to gunfire
-Fur can be gathered from certain animals, this can be combined with cloth armor to make fur clothing, provides protection during winter
-A hunting knife can be crafted that allows you to skin faster (similar tool to the pickaxe or the hatchet) and also allowing you to collect fur which is used to make fur clothing
-Animals drop more items such as bones, teeth, and fur
-You can now go fishing in the waters surrounding the island, although if you go to far out, the larger waves will rip your boat apart
-Animals interact with each other, if a bear is chasing you wolves will stay away, wolves can be found hunting pigs, and bears can be found fighting each other over territory

**VII. The Game World **
-Berry bushes are a new source of food
-Damaged cars can now be plundered for parts that can be repurposed or simply scrap metal can be smelted and used
-Rivers and ponds are present throughout the map
-Rocks (metal and sulfur ore) can be found in caves and the sides of mountains and rock formations
-Rather than the whole boulder disappearing after it has be gathered from only the ore from the rock will disappear
-The visible ore will regenerate like the boulders do now
-Seasons are now added (winter, summer, spring, fall) all with different weather patterns (snow increase in the winter, rain increase in the spring)
-Each season is a week and is month is a year
-Binoculars can now be found only as loot, when you use them and pan over a player their name shows up
-Beaches are added
-Supply drops include: medicine/healing supplies, canned food, seeds for planting, modern devices, and survival supplies.
-Forests become more dense with more plant life

Agree or disagree and leave some feedback. I will constantly change the list by either adding your ideas or by taking out ones that don’t quite fit. You will receive credit for your contributions. Thanks.

Credit: Daniel Munoz, jonnymad

Large lists always have the downsides of making it difficult to focus in on a few things. Or a single discussion item at a time.

Looks good but a few things I’d rather not see, such as classes.

And the primary/secondary weapons seems good but it could just be two slots off to the side next to your armor, occupying “1” and “2”, to change them mid fight you’d have to open inventory, drag one gun to inventory, drag the new gun into the bar and close inventory.

Probably go through more later.

There are no classes in the list, i think you are talking about the skill system. Also so are you saying no primary or secondary weapons? Just Weapon 1 and Weapon 2?

-You have primary and secondary weapon slots, making it so you cannot be a one man army with twenty guns at your disposal and if you want to switch to another gun you have to go through a short timer

So primary slot would be accessed on pressing 1, secondary on pressing 2, no need for a timer if they have to open inventory to access a slot off to the left side of the inventory screen. I wouldn’t want to see it restricted to secondary slots can only be sidearms, but either way ;p

And yes I ment skills :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So it would just take up two slots in your hot bar, i like it. Much more simple solution.

Yeah at first i thought skills would be bad too, but it gives players more incentive to play, they don’t reach the end game so quickly. It also adds another reason to fear death. I think it would be a nice feature. But if you are really against it i would love to hear why. This IS a community speaks thread, not a Daniel Speaks thread.

No, wood is more lighter than stone or metal, so wood must has more height limit. Also player can build 2-3 levels with iron and next two with wood.

Too hardcore.

Nice idea, just not noob-friendly.

Pointless, it will work for crafting or cooking or other peacefull process, but not for guns.

Do not want, just one more way for griefing, if I want to steal something from a player, I’ll kill him, no problems here.

Should be crafted and I prefer to see more stages, maybe five.

No stealth in my Rust, please.

Metal can hold up more weight than wood. Thats why skyscrapers arent made out of wood. It is a more durable material

Do you support the initial idea of space being taken up based off of item size?

I know, it takes away from immersion though and will add another goal to achieve

Maybe guns would be pushing it and you might be right, but it would definitely not be pointless in my opinion

I dont think it will get to that point, i mean it would me worse to kill someone. this is a nicer way for someone to steal from you.

Good idea!

Not stealth, strategy

Cover != Stealth.

Wood is lighter, so yes it should be higher than stone. However metal has a higher strength, so it should be the highest.

Stone should be 2-3 levels max, but take more c4 than wood.

Keep the feedback coming guys!

Good work, as always. Liking most of them besides the skill system, I had a thread for that, and it got mixed reviews. If it were to be done, I agree with the guy above, having peaceful/passive skills would definitely be the way to go.

Definitely, people seemed to be asking it in that thread though. I think it would be great. Any new ideas Jonny? would love to hear some feedback on anything in the list.

yep, but it should released in other way, not just set limit of floors for material type, I mean players should can build few floors with stone, than with metal and than with wood, maybe just simple limit of ten floors from any metal at one point can resolve problem of skyscrapers

Yes, it sounds nice, we will have a bit problems with inventory space, but… it will fun, so I support this.

I think it would be good if I cooked meat 50 times for example and than I will cook it faster or quality of cooked meat will be better, but I don’t want that someone killed me 50 times and next time he will kill me faster, or pushing backward after each shoot.
For example fine skills for guns will be fast reload, more ammo or something like this, but not increase damage or explosive shots.

Maybe, maybe, I just don’t like this personally.

Yeah, because if player can hide in bushes and when I aim at bushes and didn’t see his nickname… that’s already enough :wink: Just keep it like that and we will not need stealth.

Stealth class/abilities are nice, but it are big question in online games, a lot of peoples hate this.

Thats what i was thinking. maybe wood would be 3, stone would be 5, and metal would be 7.

Good! glad to hear it, you’ll be able to twist and turn things so you can really squeeze everything out

Thats exactly what i was thinking! nothing that will give them an unfair advantage

Okay, it was only an idea! Probably wont make it to the next list

Its just for a more strategic combat experience, its not a cover system, its a peek mechanic. If they are being stealthy this wont effect it, they’ll catch you off guard no matter what.

A poll option for “a good mix of realism and arcade-y-ness like it is now” would be cool, because honestly I think it’s the perfect balance between the two.

I think players should be able to mine stone right from the mountain sides and stuff. I think it’s a bit more logical to get stones from a giant stone structure than having to run around looking for magical spawning boulders that can appear in the middle of the road.

Do you think this list reflects that mix?

I’m liking the sound of most of this, however I’m a bit concerned about early-game/new-player resource gathering if an axe will be required to gather from trees, especially on high population servers with current resource spawn rates.

I’m not entirely sure how I feel about the mentioned inventory changes with regard to size:slot adjustments, and stacks taking up even more space. Yes, it makes perfect sense, but inventory management can already be something of a chore, and only stands to become more of an issue as more items/resources are introduced to the game. I would suggest that if this route is taken with inventory, then inventory expansion needs to be considered as well–additional inventory space through backpacks, and backpack ‘upgrades’ for instance. Luckily, I see this has been considered in the Crafting section, so that sounds like it could work well.

I like the idea of being able to damage (without necessarily being able to destroy) wooden structural elements with certain tools/weapons. However, this could make base building and maintenance even more difficult than it already is, reference raids and decay. I suspect as more content is implemented into the game, giving players more to do, raiding may not be as commonplace as it has been.

The only other thing I’d comment on here is the bits on the HUD. Within reason, I don’t feel as though the HUD detracts too much from immersion, or realism. In fact, I’d even argue the contrary in some cases. The HUD is a very good way of providing information and feedback from game mechanics to us players, so while limiting it for the sake of immersion is understandable, I’m still going to want some readily available HUD elements to provide that information and feedback.

I think the HAM radio, food shelf-life, and especially place-able torches all sound pretty good.

Again most of this sounds very good.

I’m not sure how I feel about a skill system though. This could potentially deter PvP by making people a bit more cautious about engaging in combat without good cause, as they would potentially have more to lose, which is a good thing, IMO. Yet, this could also give certain players even more of an advantage over newer players–not only will new players be outgeared and outgunned, they’ll be outskilled too.

If stealing is going to be a thing, and if skills are going to be a thing, I’d say stealing ought to probably be included in those skills. And the indicator that your stealing from another player lessens with the higher your skill is. At low levels, there should be more than just a noise–perhaps a camera shake and a loud noise. At medium levels maybe the camera shake doesn’t occur any more, and the noise isn’t as loud. And at high levels the noise is still present, but rather quiet, and maybe the distance at which you can access and inventory is increased a bit.

All of this sounds great, especially replacing C4 and Kevlar entirely–I hope all modern-tech gear/weapons are eventually replaced entirely (at least as far as crafting goes) with the possible exception of exceedingly rare loot drops (that can’t be RE’d/crafted).

I’d also suggest an earlier tier wood armor option as well.

As much as I’d like to see traps in the game, I am a bit concerned at how they might be abused to grief.

Glass could be an interesting resource–gathering and ‘smelting’ sand to make glass for things like molotovs, or glass shard traps (makeshift alarm system that could also potentially do damage to feet), or ‘junk’ scopes/binoculars.

Again this all sounds pretty good, but again if log piles are being removed, and wood is exclusively being gathered from trees, I’d again raise a concern about early-game/new-player resource gathering.

This all sounds excellent. I’d also like to be able to retrieve my arrows. What about weapon mods? Will those be replaced with ‘junk’ variants as well?

Again, this all sounds great. I’d point out that we ought to be able to wear something like fur clothing on top of scrap armor, so that we can stay warm and moderately protected at the same time.

Again, this all sounds really nice. Seasons especially would be quite interesting, as well as more variety in environments. I really like the idea of finding abandoned and broken down cars and such to scavenge for parts, but I really don’t want to see working cars in the game, quite honestly.

Thanks for all the great feedback! I personally feel decay should be removed completely for a lot of reasons. My idea for the steal mechanic is that you wont actually go into their inventory, you’ll grab something random, and the idea that this skill can be improved sounds great! A wood armor sounds interesting, maybe a wooden shield for defense too? Traps would have to be very expensive so people dont just waste them. Also, the skill system would be nothing that cause one player to kill another more easily, it is all passive things that just makes life easier. Weapon mods should be replaced, and maybe fur can be added to any armor? like a weapon mod. Thanks again!

Well, decay is kind of a catch-22. On the one hand, buildings shouldn’t decay very quickly at all, realistically speaking. Gear could realistically decay and be replaced/repaired much more easily. But on the other hand, without decay, the landscape could quickly become rather cluttered. I suppose this could be countered to some extent by new players taking over old structures (assuming they know how to do so properly), and with structures being more susceptible to damage from additional sources (like axes/sledgehammers). But then you stand to run into an issue of balancing structural damage with time/resource investment, and crossing that line of the game becoming too unforgiving.

The random theft idea is interesting, and makes it sort of a gambling minigame of sorts, which could be cool. I’d suggest that if this is the case, and if item size is going to be considered at the game mechanics level, then larger items should be much more difficult to successfully steal (even at higher skill levels, if it is to be a skill at all).

Yeah, I feel like wood armor would work for the early game, so to speak. I mean, wood is fairly durable, not all that heavy, and is fairly simple to fashion appropriately. A wooden shield could be possible as well.

I agree that traps would need to cost a fair bit of resources so the landscape isn’t littered with them, and so they are less likely to be used to grief, otherwise I could see these getting out of hand and being abused rather easily.

Decay should be an extremely slow process. Also, resources will hopefully become less abundant so this vast amount of structures should not be so prevalent. I just don’t want a game that is so demanding of the player, it should be fun after all.