Community update 242 - News — Rust

P.S. New recoil/gunplay will also be on Staging, Thursday the 26th ;)  Watch our socials for more info!

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You need to stop trying to cater to the COD player base. You are ruining the game. Why are to trying to fix thing that are not broken. FUCKING STOP!! You are catering to people who don’t know what they want. There is literally zero reason to change hit markers and the sound. The cross hair looks like shit, just add a dot. What ever you do, stay off Reddit. Do NOT take any advise from people who don’t play the game. You should only get advise from the people who have been playing your game for YEARS!!! This idea is as dumb as the XP system. If you remove recoil patterns, I’m selling all my skins and never coming back. Get you head out of your ass and makes changes to performance and the cheating problem… I truly can’t describe how frustrated I am.


three bullets and they got u typing paragraphs :joy:


He’s just saying “Let the game die, keep the game niche so there will always be noobs to farm and fuil his massive ego”.

He doesn’t understand that Facepunch need those “COD/Reddit player” to get money and keep the good work.
Last year, OTV bring more than 100k new players, all of them left because the game is so hard and need 150h+ to atleast handle a Tommy lmao.

Keep the good work Facepunch


this is how you make 90% of the actual skilled players in rust quit the game. please dont ruin your game facepunch.


Are you fucking kidding me? This litteraly takes out ALL THE SKILL… WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS? This game is ment to have a skill barrier between other games… this will be the day I quit.


Dude u are fucking right! This shitty updates changing Rust from real atmosphere game into COD. Facepunch this could be a fatal error…


Please don’t touch the recoil!!! Me and thousands of other ppl have put in the time to master the recoil patterns in this game to give us a edge on our enemies. The sole core of this game has always been pure dedication and skill. I understand it’s a hard game to pick up that why there are dedicated training servers and “noob friendly” servers. Don’t cater the game to the new wave of kids who are going to play here and there when you have ppl who have put away thousands of hours on this game. If you change the recoil pattern I’ll never play this game again and that truly is hard to think about.


It hasnt come out yet…

This game has become a real sweaty beamfest cant wait for the recoil changes.


Please do not change the recoil and gunplay, as well as the crosshair looks like garbage if anything just put a dot. The very things you are doing are the things that will make the pvp players base die off, very fast. The new map looks greats.


lol stop crying, every server has a bunch of kids with perfect recoil macros, f𝘶ck fixed recoil patterns , f𝘶ck you and f𝘶ck your skins🤣

At least my friends who never really enjoyed Rust are going to give it another try after the crosshair update.


Idk how to feel about it. I’m kinda excited for the update and I do agree my first impression was it feels like cod. If they make all the recoils easier though it just means it will come down to game sense I guess which may not be a bad thing.

The people who spent hundreds or even thousands of hours on aim train need to get a life and stop crying. I have 3k hours on the game and only like 4 on ukn cause I play the game for fun and I’m pretty good with guns without practicing.


Doesn’t it defeat the purpose of a high-skill-cap game when that which you spend so long to “master” (i.e., the recoil pattern) can be “defeated” in a few minutes by a script/macro that anticheat isn’t configured to detect? I have played this game a long time and run into so many players who can beam a full clip of AK/mp5 from 100M+ that it leaves me wondering how prevalent aim scripts are in this game. When I hear all these loud opponents of recoil changes, I do recognize there are some people who spend countless hours aim training and will be mad at their now-wasted effort, but I also think the most vocal are those who are going to suddenly become bad at the game once their “advantage” is taken away.


Y’all are just mad cause the 5k hours you waisted on UKN are going to be obsolete, Just be happy and enjoy the game you nit picky fucks. Theyre trying to increase the player base and make it a more approachable game for new players. If you dont like that go play fucking unturned :heart:


Cool cool, but hen will you finally enable the support for Proton for EAC. Apparently you’ve been “working” on it for almost a year now, yet still nothing. Apex Legends did it… Don’t see the reason why Rust wouldn’t. It literally takes less then 10 minutes to do it… HOW TO
Please. Rust runs super well on Linux, way better than on Windows, but we can only play on like one server. I want to play with my friends on other servers.

Good way to kill youre game.


I’m sure there will be a console command that will allow you to get rid of the crosshair and use your own like we all have been doing. If they start banning people for crosshairs like they are for Nvidia filters though I’m out.

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The type of people who this update is going to appeal to, probably cannot and won’t play and commit themselves to Rust as a main game because of how grindy the game already is. It just makes absolutely zero sense to me how changing recoils and PvP aspects of the game is going to change the state of the game in anyway.