Community Vibe Check Time!

Hello Everyone! Just thought I’d make a nice discussion thread to check on how all of yous here on the forums are feeling, and to wish yous all a good day/night! :3

Also sorry if I tagged wrong or this isn’t allowed, I’ll be sure to edit/delete asap if so. Only wanted to know how the community is doing.


probably could have posted this in the discord instead but to answer your question, Im feeling good! but the journey of 3d modelling and world design is burning me out, cant wait to access s&box! :face_with_monocle:

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The strenuous pressure to check my vibe is causing my vibe bone to feel weak and weary. Other than that I’m doin good, working on a few different projects.


@cake So long as you’re doing a lot of work and keeping yourself busy, I’m barely able to do sprites for my own game stuff without going to Youtube watching random videos : P. That being said it’s okay to take a break once in a while should things get too tiring, nice you’re doing good though. You too @InsertName! Hopefully your vibe bone improves lol.

Also I guess it would’ve been good on the Discord, however personally I find to be a bit… “Over the top”. Not to say there aren’t any good people on there too, but the forums seem a bit more peaceful so I think I prefer it here really. : V

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Some of us really do prefer use of forums over discord ( especially when a discord server has a ton of members and something you say pretty much gets lost in waves of text )

On the topic,
Thanks for asking I’m fine, I am happy that FP has forums again, but something about this forums engine is ehhh…

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