As i got a fair amount of downloads without even trying, i thought i would make this map easier for people to find. The map itself was created for a competition here where we got two weeks to create a pre-determined environment.

So, the map was created in roughly two days as it turned out. Nothing really works, everything was more for aesthetics than anything else. But then again, it may be useful for someone. The area is a lock similar to the canal section in hl2, with a small interior. The outside is caught in a raging blizzard.

Just remember that this was created in a very short period of time, and currently i have no intention of expanding it. This thread is simple to make it a bit more accessible for people.

You should show us more of the interior if there is more as what you have shown us in that one picture looks quite interesting.

more pictures please just like Profanwolf said

There are two small areas not shown in those images. As i said, i don’t really care about it, i just added this thread because i kept meaning to make it more accessible to those that did want one of those competition maps.