Company of Heroes 2 Models

im going to continue this!

porting the whole game! (just the armys)

Well, need more KV-2 - I heard, it is in this game - and other soviet vehicle. But I think, that it’s better to rip some models from Eastern Front mod for the first CH because they are more historical. It’s just my opinion.

I’ve only found a

is it a tank?

Well, those female snipers would be nice to have. :smile:

Yep, it’s a tank. Here Kv-2.

Nevermind, I know where it is. I don’t have the DLC though

Is there any possibility for another file format? Blender doesn’t support .max

Sure, Also!

I found a way to import Singleplayer characters! I got Isakovich’s models.
it has hand & Head models!

i’ll upload pack when I finish Soviet Army.

almost done, got 2 or 3 more units to finish. (Vehicles / Weapons after I finish units!)

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Added head to the Tank Crew Member:D[/T]

you shouldn’t need the dlc; all the files are there, you just can’t use the doctrine without paying for it.

Do you have any plans on compiling them for source, or do you only plan to release them as .max as mentioned in the OP?

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Yeah, that’s why people who don’t have the DLC can still see the units in MP.

I Have planned porting the Conscript and Pioneers to Source. I don’t know. the Meta Rig (COH Rig) gets Skin error when export.


Im going to restart the project! but release it, as COMPLETE!

Damn. Try to open your files in max and get an error.

Is it possible to get some of the base buildings? They’d fit nicely as background buildings in my trench scenebuilds.

Perhaps even some of the buildings on the maps?

I Said im Ripping Everything. Weapons, Vehicles, Characters, Buildings. Everything…

@Engineer_Rus, What Kinda Error? these .max’s are for 3DS MAX 2012.

Hey, when I export a model to .SMD, the bones are HUGE. whats the deal? anyway to fix it?

this happen when you resize the bones/dummys, try to export to smd without any resize (use original values from the model imported