Company of Heroes 2 Models

I Fixed it, I resized it to a Citizen Size. Guess what. we get faceposing for this guy :smiley:

would you know how to Automaticly Resize the model when I import the model? from a Tiny little Mesh. to a Regular sized? xD

So, maybe the main trouble in this - I am working on max 2010.

Ahhh, yea. that’s the Problem. but when I fix Scaling. ill Export as .smd and upload it (All units) Currently. im porting some dude. ill port Vehicles in a few mins. almost done with the dude.

Don’t know how to make it in automatic way, but select all you want - meshes, skeleton - click right mouse button on scale and write, for example, 165% in “Offset:World”. Actually you can write another scale, just make sure, that your ragdoll is about the same size, as valve citizen.

Progress failed, lost CoH 2.

Character download link

all characters contain the original rgm model file , I will upload the 3ds max script importer for the format :wink:

luxox to the rescue!

3ds max 2009+ script

Oh, thank you!

Anyway, it doesn’t work for me, lol - those files looks like for original CoH.


For some reason, the script is giving me this error:

-- Unable to convert: undefined to type: Integer <<

On line 436, which is this:



try to use other version , maybe 0.24 work for you

Alright, downgraded to 0.24. Got this instead.

--Type error: Call needs function or class, got: undefined