Company of Heroes Weapon Pack

Download:****The Pack: Boys AT Rifle The Lee Enfield
Requirements: Company of Heroes, Garrysmod, a brain.
**Credits:**THQ/Relic for making the original models, BlooCobalt for porting and some skinning.

Most, if not all, the weapons from Company of Heroes. Has almost all the variants for each weapon, if it has any. Each weapon that has a clip or mag has a version with and without the mag. It also includes the mag model. I have also included some custom variants that I made.[/release]


I am taking custom weapon variant ideas. If you have any, post some.


Download and comment please. If you find any errors, please post them here and I will try and fix them.


Fixed the missing Lee Enfield problem. Enjoy that rifle.

Nice, downloading them now. Another pack to add spawnlists to. God it sucks having a shitty comp. can’t wait to try them

If you want some more pictures I posted some in the WIP thread.

can’t find the link :S
but waiting to try them xD

I forgot to post the link… Well, I fixed that.

now all we need is the the guys ???

thanks bloocobalt!

Did you ragdoll the flame thrower pipe?:smiley:

No. I tried, but I really didn’t want to hassle with that.

Company of Heroes Ports: Part 1, The Weapons Pack
Next in the series, Company of Heroes Ports: Part 2, the Vehicles!
coming to a mirror near you

Nice love it

Now someone needs to make NPC weapons out of these.

I’m afraid that would turn this good pack into a generic piece of shit SNPC kool kid thing.
Let’s not.
Oh and he forget the Lee-Enfield
8:21 PM - BlooCobalt: I forgot the Lee Enfield in the pack


I will get to this right away!

PS: The link will be down for afew minutes after I finish the Lee Enfield.

Air cooled 30 cal with bi-pod plz.


I’m gonna die happy either way.

he couldn’t get the 30. cal working nor find the textures :c

Hopes and dreams shattered.

This pack fails.

I am very sorry head master. Please excuse me for offending your god-like judgment.

I HATE SPNC stuff too, so never NEVER make any of that shite with any of my stuff.

Oh god, that flamethrower <3