I’m sure this has been mentioned before but any plans at this point to make a compass a craftable item? It would be nice to have for long trips away from your house.

Ya a compass would be great but at the same time im not sure if it would take away from the game at the same time. Either way someone will add it in a mod if it doesnt eventually get added in the main game.

You can just use the sun for a compass. I wouldn’t waste the inventory slot for something that you can just look up and see

This does not work when the sun is directly overhead or at night. I found it much easier just to learn the road and landmarks around the road.

It works just fine at night, the moon follows the exact same path as the sun.
And so what if there are two very short times of a day when it’s slightly harder to tell? There are other obvious landmarks that will tell you where you’re going as well, like North Mtn or the coastline.
lol I should follow that with: you are correct, however… learning the map (esp the road) will make life much easier.

Sure it seems like a cool idea but yeah honestly you can just use the road and sun to know where your going or where you’re at. The first few hours if playing it gets annoying to find our way around but then you know where everything is. :eng101:

I didn’t know the moon followed the same path. That makes a difference and is good information to know! Thank you!

Still it was always much easier for me to say ok the fuel tanks are on the right side of the road so i’m heading east away from the hangar rather than looking up into the sky to see the sun.

I just use sun and learn landmarks.

If they do add one though I think it should be pretty rare.

If you think you need a compass, you’re probably expecting something more than an item that always points north.

i just want a map, i mean even cavemen had maps, they drew them on walls so why cant we have one. Compass would be nice it could fit into the but of your hatchet like a survival knife.

this aint dayz mate

I agree, we should have to draw our own maps on paper, with crayons you find. Then the map can be as detailed as you can draw it. But no position marker, because cavemen didn’t have that luxary.

Just pull out a piece of paper and a pen from your drawer and go to town

Been asking for craftable compass for a while now.

I have a built-in Geiger counter, but I can’t have a compass?