Compensating for different model proportions (wider shoulders, hips, etc.)


I whipped up another custom model this afternoon, compiled it, and imported the running animation sequence.

The first version was really screwed up due to bad enveloping, but once I fixed that, I noticed that his arms and legs were still inside his body:

This is because his hips and shoulders are wider than the standard Valve biped.

When I hold down CTRL in Source Filmmaker, I see my model has the standard pelvis size:

Rather than my custom pelvis size:

My question is: can I modify my SMD or QC file to create a custom pelvis size? If so, where/how would I start?


if youre using valvebiped, then no.

Are there alternatives? If I make my own skeletons from scratch, would I be able to import Valve animation sequences?

Just experimented with using the Male_06 reference instead of Male_05.

Edited Idle_subtle.smd in the Male_Animations_sdk folder, adding 50 to the value of the hip location for a number of frames.

The result:

Somewhat relieved to know that the pelvis size isn’t set in stone; rather, it’s dictated by whatever animation is being used.

The DOWNSIDE is that if I want my custom-sized characters to use the ready-made animations, I’ll have to manually edit vertex locations in every single frame of every SMD.

And/or write a program that does it for me. :wink:

…or, I suppose, I could just manually drag the placement of the hips and shoulders in SFM!