Competition of badass: Music

Alrighty kids, contest time. I want to see screens that are based around music, it can be a club, a rock concert, anything of the sort. EDIT: Alright, as long as it incorporates music, it’s fine. But you get Brownie points if it is about music :D.

*Music with the picture is recommended, but not required.
3 entries max.

No construct or flatgrass.
Top 3 picks will be posted.
Being judged by Reflectent and I.

ENDS THE 24th, 12:00 AM (eastern)
Now, gogogogo!

I will enter this, since I have a great idea for a song I like that I was gonna pose anyway.

Urrrgh that Queen - Daft punk remix sounds like PURE SHIT.

That’s a good competition idea , but we kinda lack good musical instruments models or anything like that - The only big pack i know is the GH one and it’s pretty much low poly…

I agree with this post.

Didn’t say it had to have guitars or anything in it, just had to be music related.

I’ll post an example of what I mean when I get around to it.

Well seeing as a music video can consist (as long as it is ‘intresting’) of ANYTHING… We can pretty much post ANYTHING!?

No, what I meant was it had to relate to the song, not what’s in it’s music video.

No, thats a tad too far.

I think this fits…
Might not

As long as the lyrics and song name at least work with the picture yeah it should.

I agree with this shitty remix.
But about the lack of proper materials:

ever heard about operas, musicals, choirs, battleraps, dance choreographies ?
The list goes on.
I think there is plenty of models to accomplish the contest.

Well i could participate and produce another wicked Heavy Metal Concert but that is too easy for me now.
I need a challenge.
Mhh … maybe i’ll do an opera or a choir ? :confused:

I’d love to see you enter Blackjack :smiley:

I will enter this ofc! Just for the fun :slight_smile:

Got some ideas going throw my mind already :slight_smile:

My Contribution :buddy:
o shit! its the Combine!

Ride the Lightning.

And damn yes the lyrics fit.

Are we allowed to post like three songs and a pic for each song?


Lol a Metallica hater rated dumb.

I might enter, and nice edit Joazzz.

This sounds like a cool competition! Here’s my entry:

Isn’t it a bit too easy to make a picture and then find a more or less related song? that’s what everyone does in their own threads.

IMO, the only music related picture here is Srgt.Shotup’s . I see a lot of reposts too…

Yea, I think a lot of you are misinterpreting the contest. It’s not a “Picture with fitting music or vise-versa” contest, it’s a Music picture contest, with people actually performing or dancing to music.


Cool competition, I might enter.