Competition of Concentrated Awesome: Movie Scenes


**1st Place:**simkas

Simkas set the bar very high early in the competition with his scene from Crank. His excellent posing, use of models, and slight editing almost perfectly recreated the scene. Note that I used his original version, because in my opinion it matches more to the yellow tinge the movie has.

2nd Place:** ChestyMcgee/CabooseRvB


That’s right, the judges had 2/2 for Chesty and Caboose, so simply made it a tie. Chesty’s pic is very polished, and the posing is very accurate to the original scene. The only thing that kept it from first place was that the editing made it not look as accurate as simkas’s. Caboose on the other had had a slightly less polished picture than Chesty, but the idea was incredibly clever, and it is quite close to the original scene as well.

3rd Place: **Mrfantasticool

Mrfantasticool’s was very resourceful with his recreation of the chase scene from IRobot. When futuristic car models could not be found, he simply decided to make them himself. The accuracy could have been better, but it’s still an all around solid picture, and deserved a place in this competition.

Congratulations to the winners, and to all those who participated in this contest!

POSTING:** You can submit as many entries as you like, feel free to stick them all in one post or spread them out - it’s up to you. Keep in mind this is a screenshot competition. No videos or comics will be allowed (though you may have a short series of pictures if it completes your piece)

**EDITING: **Editing is 100% acceptable. If you have someone else edit your picture, then you will both be credited should it win. Keep in mind that editing doesn’t guarantee a win. You can still make incredible things in-game.

VOTING: No votes count, the finalists will be decided by myself and a select few others where we will gauge an image’s context, concept, editing, etc. This way we’ve entirely done away with possible voting shenanigans. Note that judges change periodically to keep opinions fresh, and depending on whether or not certain people contribute to these contests (so you ALWAYS have a chance to win). If you would like to volunteer to be a judge, PM me. If you are a judge you cannot have entered, and may not enter, any pictures into the contest. We can’t have you voting for yourself now, can we?

IMAGES THAT ARE OLD WILL BE DISQUALIFIED IMMEDIATELY: If you happen to see an image that is from an old thread, just report it to me via PM with a link to the corresponding thread (showing where the image originated from) and I’ll make sure to note that it’s been discredited during the voting process.



Any movie you say? :q:

Thanks for choosing movies over magic.

Although you could have done a competition about movie magic. :smug:

I’ll give it a go at aliens.

I only did it to shut you whiners up.

Not wanting to have an original contest idea… grumble mumble…

I do 2 scenes from Saving Private Ryan, 1 if i’m feeling lazy
or if i’m even lazier, Forest Gump

I honestly would not have known what to do with magic, but with movies I can simply steal somebody else’s idea! Perfect. :haw:

I don’t think I’ll participate in this one, although I do have a huge idea for it :confused: I’ll judge if you have a space open.

Going to be a lot of war scenes I’ll bet.

of course, nobody likes boring movie scenes


So many low res/over phonged models, I tried my best…And remember, my PC isn’t exactly a powerhouse, nor am I the god of photoshop, keep that in mind,please.

I saved this as a SAVE game, so I’ll go back and fix it when I get the proper kitchen models,ect. I’ll edit this post when I update it.

The kid model made me laugh. Hard.


Hmm, Given my enthusiasm of movies; this should inspire a pose out of me.

I’m gonna do another Children of Men pose I think.
Or perhaps an Inglorious Basterds one.

Perhaps… both :ninja:

But I already did a Basterds pose :<



Oh great I’m so going to pose a credit role.
I think I already know what I’ll do.

Aw man, you can count me in.

In the meantime, please accept this placeholder image:

Far left dude’s neck seems a little too short, don’t you think?