Competition of Concentrated Awesome: "Secret Agent Man"

It’s been far too long since we’ve had a contest in this section. The contests always helped boost people’s motivation to go make awesome poses. So I felt that we needed to revive them. In honor of Mr.Whitefolks, I bring you a new Competition of Concentrated Awesome!



This was a tough one to judge. The judges had highly differing opinions, and a lot of the pictures were relatively similar (in my opinion, a lot of them lost the secret agent feel, but I can’t pick what gets entered) So, without further ado, here are the winners of the Surfing On a- I mean, Secret Agent contest.

1st Place: Joazzz

Joazzz combined excellent posing, superb editing, and (at the time) an original concept, and rolled them into a sweet little package of badassery. Granted there are a couple minor issues, such as his earpiece looking too dark on top of the dust and the camera leaving a bit too much empty space, but otherwise it was the most solid piece entered into the contest.

2nd Place: Mrfantasticool

A very similar concept to Joazzz’z, Mrfantasticool went for as over the top and as huge a scale he could muster. Though the posing could use a bit of work, and though it looses a lot of the secret agent feel, it’s still a very impressive piece.

3rd Place: Zeraxify

Zerax gets 3rd place with this awesome entry, giving his picture a sweet movie flare you would find in a Bond movie. It was an incredibly close game for second place between Zerax and Fantasticool, but it was the small details that kept him from getting a higher place. The angle leaves some empty space, and the steam-chopper (though funny) was a pretty cheap way of avoiding the issues with isolating rotor blades (or just making your own) and though the content is sweet, he doesn’t quite get the over-the-top badassery feel as the above entries did.

That’s it for the contest! I hope everyone had fun. We got some great entries and I would like to congratulate everyone who entered.

Next contest theme: MOVIE SCENES (by popular demand)

(but the one after that will be magic, I promise you that)

I will enter, hopefully.

I actually happen to have 3 poses that would qualify if they weren’t old. i guess they can be used as examples

Ah, quite good. I’ll add the first one as an example.

I’m joining, i’ll be posting it up soon

Awesome man running away from a bad guy because he lost his gun in the smoke.


Perfect timing Vman, I was feeling like posing some over the top stuff :v:

Just doing my job :smug:

are you submitting anything?

He can’t submit if hes voting :smug:

Super tiny image.

Rather sweet, even though it’s small.

You should try remaking it bigger, because that would make it a very solid entry.

Meh, my mind won’t think of something over the top when its supposed to, so these two are not as over the top as I wanted :C (which means I’ll post more later untill I’m pleased with my own work)

And Just Cause 2 anyone?

Are we allowed to make a separate thread for pics? I’d like to get some C&C/ comments on them.

The second example is my new wallpaper,

That Pic is full of win O_O

I might try a Bourne-style CQC thing.

Now I wish that my GMod would fucking load, goddamnit.

Can’t wait to see the entries that come in though.

I think I’ll actually enter this, starting work on it now.

Hey Vman, Does this contest absolutely has to be about screens?

Could you change it into an all out contest for videos and screens?

I think that would be very difficult to judge.


Unless you want two different categories. But I don’t think many videos will be entered.