Competition of Concentrated Awesome: Super Heroes and True Romance


First place goes to Master fgh

Second place went to BlackJack

Third place is awarded to Fire Kracker

Fourth place went to Zeraxify

Fifth place belongs to Geos88 (not really true romance, but a love-hate relationship with a heavy sprinkle of nostalgia)

Super Heroes have crazy abilities. True Romance has a calm warmth. Super Heroes have massive battles with their rivals that take up countless city blocks of destruction. True Romance can take place anywhere, even a place as odd as a checkout counter at the local Grocery. Quite the contrast of themes, wouldn’t you say? Well that’s the point, as this particular contest is more of an experiment than anything else and we’re hoping that you’d like to give it a shot.

The idea here is that you can chose from either True Romance or Super Heroes and produce an image based off of either for the rest of us to look at (like usual). The hook is that if we get enough solid entries in both categories, we’ll split the contest and have winners in both the TR and SH sections. If not, then we’ll be judging TR against SH, and that could lead to something intriguing (or it could be a hilariously gigantic fail). So in the end, this contest (and it’s possible outcome) is in the hands of the participants.


POSTING: You can submit as many entries as you like, feel free to stick them all in one post or spread them out - it’s up to you.

Small Note: Since this contest has two very separate themes - do your best NOT to mix them unless you’re taking it seriously. If you (for some reason) are planning on mixing both TR and SH, then STATE IN YOUR POST whether your image counts towards True Romance or Super Heroes. This way the judging process doesn’t get too confusing. :slight_smile:

VOTING: No votes count, the finalists will be decided by myself and a select few others where we will gauge an image’s context, concept, editing, etc. This way we’ve entirely done away with possible voting shenanigans. Note that judges change periodically to keep opinions fresh, and depending on whether or not certain people contribute to these contests (so you ALWAYS have a chance to win).

IMAGES THAT ARE OLD WILL BE DISQUALIFIED IMMEDIATELY: If you happen to see an image that is from an old thread, just report it to me via PM with a link to the corresponding thread (showing where the image originated from) and I’ll make sure to note that it’s been discredited during the voting process.

The top 3-5 images will be posted onto my DA page in a GMOD CONTESTS gallery, where your name and ability is given full credit. Also, when time allows I will do a proper “pimping” of the images on my own site - thus giving the winners the proper exposure they deserve for creating concentrated awesome.

NOTE: The next contest should be decided during the competition, instead of afterwards. So here’s the option for what is a possibility for next week.

Video Game Scenarios or Covert Operations

Vote for the theme you’d like to see the most and I’ll do my damndest to integrate it into the next contest!

Since i won the first place two times ( Dance Party | Chase Scene ) and i gave Mr. Whitefolks the idea for the “Romance”-Theme, I’m gonna’ sit this one out and ask for being a judge.

Still, i have some good ideas for this and I’ll post them anyway, but only for fun and not as contribution. :biggrin:
I will only let them participate, if the amount of pictures is low in either of the themes.


This isnt all btw
And what do you mean video game scenarios?


True romance. God what am I gonna do.

I am gonna mix the two of them, I think.
That is allowed right?

uhhh two competitions uhhh might as well romance since I’ve never tried it

Title: One Last Kiss… ALT: Love has no boundaries…

Post Music:


Well, I wanted to enter :confused: Not the best picture ever. BTW, he’s not dead just yet… Also, first “Romance” picture.

Also, Video game scenarios sounds like win.

Thought i would give the contest a bash, Still quite new the posing and such. True Romance btw!

Criticism/Compliments Appreciated!

A bit of both, I suppose.

I get a dumb, again :C

This contest needs moar entries >:O
Mine, all romance:

Love that first one you just posted there hunter. Maybe a bit of edited blur on them would look smoother! But i love it!

:D, thanks mate

Hunter, Do you do any photoshop editing or gimp?

A little here and there, but not much

I didn’t make this for the competition but seeing as it’s going slow i might aswell post it here.


I agree actually, this contest IS going rather slow, especially when considering how many people voted on the theme(s) themselves. O_o

Bitches better stop rating Hunter bad! >:(

I would contribute but… Well, I suck at editing and camera angles.

If you ask me, this is the same bulls#!t like those idiots who write “reserved” or yell “I’ll definetly participate on this one” and then you don’t see a god damn thing from them.

I tell you, if this keeps up here, I’m gonna participate after all. (and I’ll stick to what i say :clint:)
I’m allready working on something, but for now, it’s just for the fun. :keke:

Hunter, where did u get that models from, combine woman etc.
and… Can I add my “not so old” pic.?..